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Evolving Today’s Data Centres to Meet Tomorrow’s Demands

January 19th, 2018 Posted by Kevin Gillingham

Technological landscapes are constantly shifting, and data centres are no exception. Taking advantage of the changes and making the most of the opportunities they bring can deliver a variety of benefits including reduced costs, increased flexibility, and more reliable systems that are built to accommodate future needs. Knowing what to expect and being prepared is […]

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Network Cabling Considerations

July 21st, 2016 Posted by Kevin Gillingham
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The third installment of our ‘It’s Your Move’ series is dedicated to cabling considerations. Previously we explored business phone systems and bandwidth considerations for those who are moving or expanding their offices. When you expand your office or acquire a new space, it is inevitable that you will need to either augment or replace the existing cabling. […]

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Data Center Convergence [Video]

December 8th, 2015 Posted by Kevin Gillingham
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Data centers tend to be an irreplaceable hub of essential business information, whether for processing, remote storage, or distribution to different branches of the business. Whether the infrastructure is physical or virtual, the computers, servers, and networking systems satisfy extremely demanding business requirements. CommScope Delivers Fully Optimized Data Centers A key player in cable TV […]

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Technology Considerations When Moving Your Business: Series

July 31st, 2012 Posted by The Activo Team

Companies often move locations because they are expanding or contracting their business. In both scenarios the technology they use to operate, such as phone systems and bandwidth requirements, may be affected. Other factors such as timing, new technology upgrades, and budgeting also play critical roles in the moving process. In this six-part blog series, Activo […]

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