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IP Networks have become essential in today’s business landscape – whether you work in an office, out of your home, at a remote site, or on the road. More than ever before, IP networks need to support an increasing number of users and devices to let people connect, communicate, collaborate, and consume over faster, more […]

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As we’ve discussed previously, IEEE 802.11ac is the new wireless LAN standard. It will allow for faster Wi-Fi connectivity, an essential feature in light of the growing trend of widespread tablet and smartphone usage (the “Bring Your Own Device” trend). Many new devices from the last half of 2013 are already equipped for 802.11ac, and […]

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IEEE 802.11ac: A Better Wireless LAN

December 21st, 2012 Posted by The Activo Team

Let’s face it, no matter the setting (business, institution, retail, manufacturing, etc), wireless has become a ubiquitous part of everyday life.  Not only do your employees and customers expect Wi-Fi, but they expect it to be flawless.  That can be tough when every person is using not just one, but several wireless devices from laptops […]

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