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Improve productivity and collaboration with a fully integrated conferencing system that enables you to seamlessly hold meetings with colleagues, clients, and contacts around the world—saving time, money, and travel expenses and empowering people to collaborate how, where, and when they need.

Activo provides state-of-the-art audio and video conferencing solutions to help your organization improve efficiency and profitability. Our team of experts works with industry leaders like Polycom and Cisco to provide room-based and mobile systems to suit the needs of your workforce.

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Conferencing and Collaboration Key Considerations

What types of conferencing solutions does Activo provide?

Depending on the scale of conferencing solution you need, you have several options:

  • Fully Integrated Systems, joined seamlessly with a room’s existing infrastructure and enabling bridging between otherwise disparate elements.
  • Partially Integrated Systems that don’t mingle with other components of your infrastructure, but are far more powerful than standard conferencing systems.
  • Standalone Systems are traditional desktop-style conferencing devices.

What types of audio and video conferencing does Activo have available?

Audio Conferencing

  • SIP-based audio conferencing uses VoIP technology.
  • POTS-based conferencing uses analog technology.
  • Soft-client solutions (like Skype) are located on laptops, phones, and other devices.

Video Conferencing

  • SIP/H323-based video conferencing requires is more expensive and can only call endpoints with the same standards, though dialing can be controlled.
  • Soft-client solutions connect to devices through a USB and utilize software like Skype, Lync, and Jabber.

Why Choose Us?

Integrated Technologies & Networks

We build your network, putting the necessary hardware, software, network, and controls in place to make systems work harmoniously together.

Future-Ready Infrastructures

The Age of the Information Society is turning disparate platforms into interconnected, interoperable, and smart networks. We work with you to ensure you can take full advantage of emerging trends.

Lifecycle Support

Our highly trained and certified technicians monitor, maintain, and enhance your networking infrastructures throughout their lifecycles—saving you time and money while minimizing risk.

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