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Digital signage displays serve a number of functions, including building your brand’s presence and communicating useful information to employees, customers, and visitors. To realize the maximum benefits for both you and your intended audience, you need the screen best matched with your needs and an interoperable system that will deliver peak performance.

As a network systems integrator, Activo is ideally suited to deliver the right combination of integrated video, audio, and control to fit your space, budget, and desired applications. Our commercial digital signage screens can be used in a range places and ways and feature business-oriented, high-endurance hardware—enabling you to communicate the right messages to your target audiences in the most effective ways.

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Digital Signage Frequently Asked Questions

Who is your target audience and what is their viewing environment?

Take into account who will be looking at your digital signage display and the environment in which they’ll view it.

Focus on factors like:

Brightness Settings: The key here is to match screen brightness to the amount of light in the area where the screen will be placed. If it’s going to be located in a well-lit location, you’ll need a screen capable of supporting higher brightness settings to offset the excess light in its usage environment. Conversely, dimmer screens are ideal for darker spaces.

Screen Size: The general rule is one foot of screen for every ten feet of room space. If, however, you’re going to be displaying any fine details (fine print, small images, etc.), consider a 1:6 ratio instead.

Viewing Angles: The quoted viewing angle for most digital signage displays is 180 degrees, though you need to keep in mind that “viewing” doesn’t necessarily mean “reading” (reading angles are often closer to 30 or 40 degrees). Viewing angles are usually tied to brightness (higher brightness levels mean wider viewing angles). Depending on where you’re going to be mounting your display (high on a wall or on the ceiling, for example), you need to factor horizontal and vertical viewing angles into your decision.

What type of content do you display?

One of the most important considerations is resolution. Resolution directly impacts how well or poorly a digital signage screen can display text and images (like arrival and departure schedules at an airport, for example). If you’re going to be showing a heavy amount of text, aim for at least a 1080p display.

Do you require need audio playback?

Not all digital signage displays have built-in audio. If that’s a capability you need, you can either choose to purchase an audio-enabled display or set up an external audio system. The right solution here depends on the environment. In smaller areas, built-in sound components will do the job well. Separate audio systems are better for larger environments (they increase sound quality), though the cost is also higher.

How will you connect your digital signage display to the digital signage player?

Your digital signage display and digital signage player need to work together. Most players feature VGA or HDMI outputs, though some models can support DisplayPort or DVI. Whatever connection you’re going to use, make sure displays and players are compatible.

How will the display be mounted?

Some digital signage displays come with stands so they can be placed on the floor, while others are designed to be mounted on walls or ceilings.

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