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Mass notification provides real-time information to people where and when they need it, whether in emergency situations or for everyday internal/external large-scale communications:

In emergencies, rapid communication is essential. Mass communication systems ensure rapid responses and allow first responders to better manage those involved in the situation.

When carrying out daily tasks, mass communication solutions can be integrated with other communication systems and designed so that you can interact differently with individual groups or people.

Activo serves customers from coast to coast, consulting with you to accurately assess your mass communication needs and create a system fit to your business or organization. Our knowledge and expertise is your assurance we can deliver the solutions you’re looking for and more.


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Mass Notification Frequently Asked Questions

Who do you need to notify?

The answer to this question depends on your needs. Some organizations will only need to notify internal individuals, others external, or even both. In some cases, you might need to take a split approach—notifying certain audiences or segments with custom messages versus.

What geographic areas or buildings do you need to cover?

There are a few things you need to consider here:

  • Do you need messages to be conveyed inside buildings, outside of them, or both?
  • Do you need to notify people within or around a single building or across multiple?
  • Is your coverage area restricted to a single location or spread throughout different cities or provinces?

Do mass notification solutions need to interface with any other elements of your voice and collaboration systems like digital signage?

In some cases, mass notification systems are entirely auditory, sending voice communications out via a speaker system or through phones. Other times, your mass notification solution needs to be integrated with other AV components like digital signage so you can display messages as well.

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