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Your daily business operations revolve around vital documents and data. An interruption or loss of data not only breaks the workflow of the office, but can also cause financial and operational stresses. The causes of data loss are diverse and can include malfunctioning equipment, employee carelessness, external tampering or hacking, burglary, or natural disasters.

At Activo, our disaster recovery experts will work with you to analyze your needs and establish preventative measures that keep your business protected. By creating multiple levels of redundancy including duplicate power supplies, alternate carriers, and backup wireless we can prepare you, your organization, and its infrastructure to proactively and effectively respond to network interruptions caused by natural or manmade events.

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Disaster Recovery Frequently Asked Questions

What is disaster recovery?

In essence, disaster recovery refers to actions taken during a natural or manmade event (fire, flood, electric outage, etc.) to minimize the adverse effects of it.

What steps can you take to ensure effective disaster recovery for your network?

Solutions often include:

  • Secondary power supplies
  • Separate carrier connections
  • Duplicate network components
  • Multipoint architectures
  • Geo-redundancy and virtualization

What is the connection between disaster recovery and virtualization?

This is an emerging opportunity that enables organizations to virtualize portions of the network infrastructure, particularly components like load balancers and controllers, to reduce their vulnerabilities and improve recovery time objectives (RTOs).

Virtualization supports redundancy by delivering high availability and fault tolerance:

  • High availability monitors for failures and can restart on another host automatically.
  • Fault tolerance is similar to high availability, however it mirrors the environment instead of starting it on another host. This ensures almost zero downtime, though it does consume more resources.

What role does geo-redundancy play in network disaster recovery?

Geo-redundancy effectively replicates data between disparate sites so that if one is affected by an event like a fire or flood you will be able to switch to another and still access the information you need. Although there are some elements of your network infrastructure like electrical connections that can’t be made geo-redundant, others like load balancers and controllers can through the use of something like a virtualization solution.

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