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Wireless infrastructure plays a key role in supporting mobile communications for organizations of all types and sizes. By giving users untethered availability to a wireless network, you empower employees to work where, when, and how they need to—boosting productivity and streamlining collaboration. You also make it easier for guests to access your network, and you can rapidly expand to keep pace with growth.

Choosing an Activo solution assures application delivery in even the most challenging VoIP, data, and video environments. We begin each project with a needs analysis to understand your requirements and the type of survey that will be the most suitable. Once complete, we can install, adjust, and maintain your wireless system to maximize performance. We provide WLAN surveying (predictive, passive, active, and conventional) as well as implementation and offer a single-channel architecture that ensures simple deployment, enhanced roaming, coordinated over-the-air quality of service, and the promise of greater scalability.

Wireless as a Service

Wireless as a service combines both infrastructure like access points as well as managed services including proactive alerts and 24/7/365 monitoring. It is an ideal solution for SMB users and small public institutions eager to transition from a cap-ex model to an op-ex one.

Wireless (Wireless as a Service) Services

  • Wireless Access Points

  • Wireless LAN Controllers

  • Centralized Management

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Wireless (Wireless as a Service) Frequently Asked Questions

What types of wireless network surveys does Activo provide?

Activo provides several different wireless site surveys to meet your needs at various stages—from planning through to design, implementation, and maintenance—each providing you with a comprehensive report including heat maps, our findings, and our recommendations.

Predictive Survey

This type of survey is ideal for new builds, budgetary purposes, or more simple implementations. Our team of wireless professionals will use your building’s floorplans to create your environment virtually with planned AP locations and their intended parameters. This enables us to predict measurements and assess coverage throughout your facility.

Passive Survey

A passive survey is used to assess the infrastructure you already have and determine non-Wi-Fi interference, gaps in signal coverage, throughput, channel interference, and more. It is well suited if WLAN is already in place and for shared office buildings.

Active Survey

This survey is used for post-installations, during a WLAN expansion, to troubleshoot, and during a conventional survey. Our wireless network professionals will collect data to assess RSSI, channel overlap, co-channel interference, retry and loss rates, and more.

Conventional Survey

A conventional wireless survey is the most comprehensive planning tool available. It gives our wireless professionals the ability to collect true RF information about neighbouring networks, non-Wi-Fi interference, and true signal propagation and is often used during pre-installation phases and to take into consideration the physical environment and RF behaviours.

What impact does your location have on the type of survey that will be most suitable for you?

In general, on-site surveys (active and conventional) are easier to perform in urban or semi-urban settings whereas off-site surveys (predictive and passive) might be more suitable for remote locations.

What types of hardware and equipment can typically be supplied as part of a wireless as a survey arrangement?

The most common equipment Activo leases as part of a wireless as a service arrangement are access points with the cost for the hardware spread over the length of the service contract.

What types of WLAN services does Activo provide?

Our WLAN service offerings include:

  • Unmanaged WLAN, suitable for small-scale deployments and smaller budgets.
  • On-premise WLAN is common among enterprise and mid-sized business customers.
  • Cloud WLAN is ideal for organizations of all types and sizes (small, medium, and enterprise) including campuses, hospitality providers, restaurants, public venues, kiosks, and more.
  • Point-to-point (or multipoint) solutions are employed when cabling is not possible.

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