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Protecting your assets and your building from unauthorized access requires more than just locking doors and checking windows. At Activo, we understand that different facilities have different needs and some areas may require stricter security measures.

Access control systems, also known as keyless entry or card entry systems, are the solution to confidently manage access to each and every area of your business. Whether you have one location or multiple, we can help you protect them all.

Activo offers flexible and reliable solutions and offers you the ability to integrate an existing access control security system or build a custom solution for your business. We integrate different physical security measures including options like keypads, surveillance cameras, and intercoms to create an effective and defensive access control infrastructure.

Our solutions include design, installation, and preventative maintenance, and we honour all manufacturer warranties, giving you peace of mind in the situation that an element of your system goes down.

Don’t wait any longer, trust Activo to help you secure your building and assets with our advanced access control systems.

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Access Control Frequently Asked Questions

What type of access control system do I require?

There are a variety of factors you need to consider when choosing your type of access control system:

  • Level of Security: Some facilities will only require physical access control tools like keypads and access cards, while higher security locations could benefit from biometric and facial recognition tools.
  • Integrations: Access control systems can be designed to work with the other components of your security system (CCTV, intercom, etc.) depending on your needs.
  • Technology: Options to consider include hardwired versus wireless, maglocks versus electrified locks, and more.

How can I keep track of who is (and has been) accessing my facilities?

Our access control security systems make it possible to establish accountability through audit trails and reports. For example, an audit report will show you when and where the following actions took place:

  • Date and time of all entries
  • Tampers with the system
  • Denials of entry

With accurate audit trails, you can easily associate every user with their actions throughout the workplace. If security is breached, you will be able to track who was at the specific location to correctly identify the error and address the individuals involved.

Are today’s access control systems compatible with legacy infrastructures?

If you need to make upgrades to an existing access control system, our security technicians work with you to source components and products that will keep your system functioning properly.

What types of service and warranty contracts do you offer?

We work with you to create a contract to suit your needs, whether you’re looking for a one-time service or need ongoing service and preventative maintenance.

At Activo, we honour all manufacturer warranties, giving you peace of mind in the event that an element in your system goes down.

Can access control systems be integrated with other parts of my security system?

Access control systems can be designed to work with the other components of your security system (CCTV, intercom, etc.) depending on your needs. For more information, please visit the integrated security systems page.

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