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Access Control

Protecting your building and the assets it contains often means more than simply locking doors and checking windows. Many facilities require stricter security measures or have certain zones that need to be more highly guarded than others.

With a reliable access system, Activo can help you protect a single location or any number of locations from unauthorized individuals. Whether your business consists of one facility or hundreds, our access control systems—often referred to as keyless entry or card entry systems—can help you confidently manage access to each and every area.

Our access control solutions are engineered to be flexible and reliable. We can work with you to build a new system or retrofit an existing one, integrating individual components (like keypads, surveillance cameras, and intercoms) to form an effective and defensive access control infrastructure. We offer preventative maintenance contracts and honour all manufacturer warranties, giving you peace of mind in the event that an element in your system goes down.


Cards and Tags

Choose from a variety of technologies and styles like clamshell or printable cards and sticky tags. All products are made to be durable and can often be customized to include your logo.

Readers and Scanners

These devices can be used to read things like cards and tags or scan biometric data. They can be used for a range of doors (single or double, manual or automated, etc.) and can be applied in a range of situations.

Door Contacts and Accessories

Accessories can include everything from push buttons to digital timers to transformers to door loops, all of which are engineered to work seamlessly and simply with your access control system.



Whatever the type of institution—whether it’s a school, a healthcare facility, or a bank—you want to make sure that people are where they’re supposed to be. In an educational facility, that often means students aren’t leaving the premises without permission. Banks and similar facilities might be more concerned with ensuring staff and visitors can’t venture into unauthorized spaces.


In industrial settings, concerns over access control often have to do with both safety and security. There might be areas that would be unsafe for people to enter without the right training or equipment, while other zones might contain products or resources that only certain people should be allowed to be around.

Military and Aviation

With these types of applications, the primary goal is to keep people (staff, customers, and visitors alike) safe by preventing unauthorized individuals from being able to access highly sensitive and possibly dangerous information and resources.

Why Choose Us?

Integrated Technologies & Networks

We build your network, putting the necessary hardware, software, network, and controls in place to make systems work harmoniously together.

Future-Ready Infrastructures

The Age of the Information Society is turning disparate platforms into interconnected, interoperable, and smart networks. We work with you to ensure you are able to take full advantage of emerging trends.

Lifecycle Support

Our highly trained and certified technicians monitor, maintain, and enhance your networking infrastructures throughout their lifecycles—saving you time and money while minimizing risk.