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Intrusion prevention is all about taking the necessary steps to keep unwanted and unauthorized visitors from being able to access your property and the valuable assets it contains. Having an effective intrusion prevention system in place—including access control, CCTV, and alarms—ensures you’ll be protected whether or not you’re there.

At Activo, we work with you to design the integrated intrusion prevention solution suited to your needs. We can help you secure entrances through access control, set up 24/7/365 CCTV monitoring, and architect responsive alarm systems.

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Intrusion Prevention Key Considerations

Should I choose a hardwired or wireless system?

The right answer here depends on your needs and location:

  • A hardwired system works by physically connecting sensors to the control panel, using a traditional landline to communicate with the outside world (like the monitoring station).
  • With a wireless system, the sensors are connected to the control panel wirelessly and the control panel to the outside world via a cellular connection.

Keep in mind as well that there are certain locations in which you can’t run wires, which would make a wireless, GPS, or solar security system your go-to choice.

How do I decide on the right number of zones?

Depending on the nature of your property (its layout, the types of resources it houses, etc.), there might be certain areas that need to be protected more than others. With the right intrusion prevention system, you can identify and partition these zones with their own access control and monitoring tools.

What environmental factors do I need to take into account?

The key question here is whether components will be located indoors or outdoors. If anything (cameras, keypads, etc.) must be located outside, you need to ensure it will be durable enough to stand up against elements like rain, wind, and snow. Even if it’s going to be inside, make sure you take into account any location-specific risks that could affect it. Industrial manufacturing facilities, for example, might need to consider fire- or explosion-proof cameras.

What else can an intrusion prevention system do?

You can craft an intrusion prevention system as simple or complex as you need to depending on your needs. At its most basic, it might include sensors at your entrances that set off alarms when triggered to deter intruders. Adding CCTV and access control can increase your visibility and allow you to keep track of who’s coming and going.

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