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Intrusion Prevention

Intrusion prevention is all about taking the necessary steps to keep unwanted and unauthorized visitors from being able to access your property and the valuable assets it contains. Having an effective intrusion prevention system in place—including access control, CCTV, and alarms—ensures you’ll be protected whether or not you’re there.

At Activo, we work with you to design the integrated intrusion prevention solution suited to your needs. We can help you secure entrances through access control, set up 24/7/365 CCTV monitoring, and architect responsive alarm systems.


Access Control

Control who can access particular areas of your physical facility, securing you critical and confidential information as well as important physical assets.


Surveillance cameras, whether analog or IP, let you keep an eye on specific areas around your building to monitor activities and maintain safety.


An alarm can ward off intruders and alert your monitoring station so that they can respond, contacting emergency services if the situation calls for it.


Medical and Long-Term Care

Residents or patients will often need to wear a device like a pendant to ensure they don’t venture into unauthorized spaces or leave the premises. Some facilities will also feature alert buttons that enable people to trigger an alarm in the event of an emergency.


Intrusion prevention measures are most often used to secure perimeters or partition interior spaces. The equipment used might need to be durable and ready to stand up against things like excessive heat or explosions depending on the nature of the facility.


The most sensitive spaces for most banks are the storage areas where high-value currencies or sensitive information are held. Intrusion prevention systems are designed to restrict access and set off alarms if protocols are violated.


In education settings, people are typically concerned with protecting both the people and the sensitive documents they hold on site by preventing unauthorized guests from being able to wander freely.


The protection of documents and other assets (both physical and digital) is the chief aim for the majority of offices.

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