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Cloud Solutions

Virtualization is the driving component behind cloud computing. An emerging IT paradigm, it separates normal network applications from the physical infrastructure and hardware which operates it. Major costs are drastically reduced, and eliminated in some circumstances, as hardware associated with IT functions is no longer needed.

Technology focused businesses normally leverage their expertise, allowing them to take advantage of efficient computing and IT resources. Activo provides that service for all businesses. Activo is a service provider that is able to pass on cost and operating expenses, savings, knowledge, and energy efficiency to clients. Operating expenses are lower with cloud computing than when utilizing an in-house infrastructure.

Benefits Of An Activo Cloud Solution

  • Disaster recovery program
  • Uses remote data storage for backup data files
  • Remotely accessible
  • Unlimited file and data storage
  • Data backup can be automated
  • Eliminates risk of lost documents
  • Economical

It is crucial to secure business-sensitive data, and cloud computing eliminates the risk of accidental loss or destruction of critical information.

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