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Activo’s Green Policy

Activo believes that every company has a responsibility to the environment. We recognize that good environmental management must be an integral and fundamental part of our business.

Our Environmental Policy

  • Work to exceed Federal and Provincial environmental legislation, raise awareness, encourage participation, and train employees.
  • Assess the environmental effects of all business operations.
  • Expect similar environmental standards from all suppliers and contractors.
  • Actively promote recycling, both internally and externally.
  • Conserve natural resources through increased energy efficiency and better water management.
  • Manage waste and avoid the use of hazardous substances.
  • Prevent and reduce pollution by implementing efficient control procedures to monitor and manage materials and processes that impact the environment.
  • Make our Environmental Policy public.
  • Use technology that is consistent with our environmental ideals.
  • Continually seek to improve our environmental performance, monitoring progress and reviewing performance.

At Activo, we train all employees to comply with our environmental standards. Going beyond Federal and Provincial environmental legislation requirements, we have created internal processes to help us reduce our impact on the environment.

Our Ongoing Commitments


  • Recycle paper and cardboard through the use of the Blue Box program.
  • Use recycled paper products whenever possible for printers, copiers, and use in toilet areas.
  • Recycle and re-fill toner cartridges for printers and copiers.
  • Recycle all electronics.
  • Recycle vehicle tires.

Fleet and Vehicle

  • Use lower-emission vehicles and perform regular maintenance to ensure efficient operation.
  • Purchase carbon offset credits for car usage.
  • Purchase a modern fleet of reduced-sized vehicles, many of which use Flex Fuel.

Energy Conservation

  • Use timers on thermostats in all office areas.
  • Use low-energy lighting and turn down lights when not in use.
  • Use natural lighting whenever possible in our office layouts.
  • Turn off all non-essential equipment when not in use.
  • Our office telephones use about half the power of other standard phones in the industry.


  • Our Mitel communication solution reduces power consumption from 90 watts/person to 9 watts/person.
  • We use video conferencing in our offices to reduce air and motor vehicle travel while improving communication and efficiency.
  • LG Digital displays are ENERGY STAR® 5.1 compliant, meaning they use less energy than government standards require.
  • Unified communication solutions reduce the need for extra hardware while increasing mobility and usability.


Activo has deployed the Creston 3-Series platform, a revolutionary engineering advancement in integrated control and automation technology. Crestron 3-Series is an integrated building management platform, capable of unifying the various technologies within a commercial building to operate as a single, intelligent system rather than in silos as separate systems—ultimately saving more energy. 3-Series control systems natively support SNMP and BACnet/IP to seamlessly communicate and integrate with IT, HVAC, BMS, and security systems.

Electronics Recycling and Asset Management

At Activo, we pride ourselves on our strategic partnerships that enable our customers to grow their businesses while maintaining their social responsibility to measure, reduce, and offset their total environmental footprint.

Through Activo, our customers can securely and cost-effectively dispose of electronics. We help our customers manage the entire lifecycle of IT assets to retain value, reuse when possible, and ensure environmental stewardship at the end of life.

Our mission is to help our customers eliminate the information security risk and environmental impact of technology disposition through innovative, continuously improving processes to securely re-purpose and safely recycle used electronic devices and electrical equipment. Our partner uses environmentally sustainable business practices to achieve a near zero-landfill goal and protect customer information, preserve customer brand image, and enhance customer capital management.

Activo believes in a sustainable future. We encourage our customers to reuse whenever possible. When this option isn’t feasible, we strive to achieve a zero-landfill objective with a maximum recovery of natural resources, supported by sustainable processes that break electric and electronic devices down to their base commodities. Our partner’s guarantee of complete destruction of devices means data is completely unrecoverable. Recycling the materials means they stay out of landfills where their potentially toxic components can harm the soil, water, and air.