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Understanding bandwidth is important when it comes to determining your business needs. Think of it as an electronic highway that connects your company computers to the Internet. Each time you add a lane, you increase your speed and the amount of traffic you can accommodate. This same principle applies to your bandwidth.

Activo understands how crucial it is to choose a service and partner with the capacity to adapt to the communication needs necessary for the growth and development of your company. We offer affordable solutions for both small and large businesses, providing a range of solutions that recognize the critical need for your company to have uninterrupted Internet access. Our experience is your assurance that we can accurately assess your bandwidth needs and implement networking solutions that allow your business and employees to perform at peak efficiency.


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Bandwidth Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between copper (DSL and Ethernet connections) and fiber?

The primary difference between copper and fiber is the speeds they can provide. Copper cabling (DSL and Ethernet) is usually limited to about 10Mbps, whereas fiber can deliver speeds in excess of 100Mbps.

How do I choose between copper and fibre?

When it comes to making a choice between copper and fiber, the two main considerations are cost and location:

  • Though slower, copper cabling is the less expensive option. Fiber cabling is more reliable over long distances and delivers faster speeds; however it does come with a higher price tag.
  • Since the majority of carriers are still in the process of transitioning to fiber networks, there are some locations (especially in more rural areas) that simply do not have access to pre-existing fiber networks. You can build the infrastructure to suit your needs, though this can require considerable investment depending on the scale.

In making your decision, be sure to consider all current requirements as well as future needs.

What will your bandwidth be used for?

This is a crucial question to consider because it determines not only the amount of bandwidth you require, but also whether or not you need managed bandwidth services like MPLS.

If, for example, you only send emails and make the occasional video call, your bandwidth needs will be relatively mild. A location like a call centre, by comparison, will need much more from their bandwidth and internet services and will also need to put in place solutions like MPLS networks and SIP trunking.

How does your location affect your options?

Many carriers are still in the process of transitioning to fiber networks, which means that some locations (especially those in more rural areas) simply do not yet have access to pre-existing fiber networks. You can build the infrastructure to suit your needs, though this might require considerable investment depending on the scale.

What bandwidth speed do you need?

This varies significantly on a business-by-business basis. Smaller organizations with a limited number of office-based employees who simply need to send emails will be well suited to more moderate speeds, whereas larger enterprises (or even smaller ones who need to access cloud-based applications, back up data remotely, participate in audio or video conferences, and more) will require more robust solutions.

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