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Boost Your Business’s Network Performance with Wireless Network Integration Solutions

Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, Activo understands that your network is the backbone of your operations.

Our team of experts works with you to create custom networking and wireless infrastructures that not only meets your current needs but are scalable to adapt to future ones.

Custom Networking and Wireless Services Designed for Your Business

At Activo, we take a comprehensive approach to network solutions. Our process starts with a thorough needs analysis to ensure that we understand how your organization uses its network. We then conduct a wireless survey to determine the best type of system for your needs. From there, we install your new system, including cabling, hardware, and software, and make any necessary adjustments to ensure consistent coverage.

We offer services in:

  • Wireless Networks
  • GPON Networks
  • Digital Builds
  • And More

Why Work With Activo

With Activo, you can expect a personalized approach to every project, tailored to your unique business needs, and backed by our team’s unwavering commitment to your success.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before you get started, here are some common questions asked to help determine what type of services you may need in your business.

How do know if I need to update my network?
How many devices will my network need to support?
What type of devices does my network support?
What level of security does my network need?
What role does location play in determining the type of wireless survey that will be suitable for me?
What do I do if I don’t have a network infrastructure in place yet? Can Activo help?
What is network convergence?
What are the challenges associated with network convergence?
What are the benefits of transitioning to a converged network?
What types of network surveys does Activo provide?

Connect Your Business
Across the Country

Activo is more than just a supplier of networking products and services; we are a trustworthy partner for businesses looking for national rollout services across Canada. Our unique position allows us to manage your project from start to finish and beyond, with a scalable, rapidly deployable workforce and a single point of contact for project management, making us the ideal partner for your next project.

  • Nationwide Reach
  • Cost Savings with Fewer Subcontractors
  • All-in-One Solutions Provider

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