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AV solutions enable you to get your messages to the right people at the right times—whether to colleagues during a conference call, customers who should know about promotions through digital signage, or employees who need to know how to proceed in the event of an emergency.

Activo designs, supplies, and installs integrated audiovisual systems for businesses and organizations across Canada. Our scalable solutions address clients at every level—products, integrated solutions, enterprise solutions, strategic initiatives, and a range of field services. Activo’s audiovisual specialists have multi-vendor integration expertise, which means they can ensure you have access to a full range of responsive and flexible solutions as well as technology and support services designed to enhance productivity and maintain cost control.

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What questions do I need to consider when choosing an AV solution?

Some things to think about include:

  • Do you have any existing equipment or technologies you would like to re-use?
  • What elements of your network infrastructure need to be integrated? Will they be capable of handling the increased demand?
  • What are the acoustic properties and ambient light levels in the areas where you will be installing your AV solutions?
  • How many rooms or areas do you need equipped? Do they need to be connected as part of a single system, or will they each operate independently?

For expert guidance on choosing the AV solution that will be right for you, get in touch with Activo.

What AV services does Activo provide?

  1. Consulting: We start by dispatching a team of specialists to interview key operational personnel from your organization. This investigative process aids our understanding of your core business – your technical, logistical, and capital needs, as well as communications obstacles and future visual delivery plans.
  2. Design and Engineering: We bring accomplished designers, specially-trained representatives, and highly skilled audio and video engineers together to make your ultimate goals a reality. Through this collaboration, we work to overcome engineering challenges with design modifications that maximize end-user satisfaction.
  3. Project Management and Integration: According to your needs, systems are totally cabled, connected, rack-mounted, documented, and field-tested by factory-trained and industry-certified technicians prior to delivery. Once complete, we coordinate and manage on-site installation to seamlessly integrate a finished product into your facility. Our integration technicians will then conduct a complete system performance analysis and certification.
  4. Documentation: We provide comprehensive “as-built” signal flow drawings, system documentation, and project and equipment manuals to better orient you with your system. More sophisticated and comprehensive integrations may warrant equipment inventory and wire-run databases with client-approved mnemonic schemes available in a variety of electronic formats.
  5. Service and Maintenance: We staff technical services departments comprised of engineers, field service technicians, and service support personnel committed to effective, long-term service and maintenance that extends beyond traditional warranty protection. Our service and maintenance agreements protect your investment with on-site diagnostic and field service support, and assist with predictable and controlled maintenance fees. We leverage our position with suppliers to obtain the very best support and training to maintain our distinction among our competitors as the benchmark for quality post-sale support.
  6. Equipment Procurement: Activo has long-term alliances with many leading manufacturers in the visual communications and data networking industries. This affords our specialists access to a vast pool of equipment and technologies.
  7. Long-term Solutions: Our systems are designed to grow with your organization’s changing needs, offering technological innovations as hardware and software upgrades are delivered to market.

What are the most common types of video systems available?

The three most common kinds of video systems are:

Each has its own advantages and drawbacks surrounding costs, quality, discreteness, and other factors that need to be taken into account when choosing the AV solution best suited to your needs.

What are some of the pros and cons of each type of video system?

Projection systems are the most cost-effective option per inch and can be hidden when not in use. They do require lower ambient light levels, however, and the focus needs to be set.

Display systems provide some of the clearest images and do not require ambient light, though they do have a 90” limitation.

Video wall systems offer high-quality images, do not need ambient light, and can be used to create one large display system. They are also the most expensive option (on a cost-per-inch basis) and only LCD type can be used for videos.

Can my AV solution be integrated with other components of my network infrastructure?

Not only can your AV solutions be integrated as part of your network infrastructure, but often they need to be in order to make sure you’re maximizing the performance of your system as a whole.

Consider conferencing, for example. In addition to the physical equipment, many businesses and organizations today need endpoints that are connected to collaboration tools and powered by sufficient bandwidth, which in turn relies on solid structured cabling.

In order for your infrastructure to work effortlessly, each of the components within it need to work seamlessly together.

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