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Activo Attends the Innovation@Work CommScope 2013 Symposium

The team at Activo is excited to attend the Innovation@Work CommScope 2013 Global PartnerPRO Network Symposium in Dallas, Texas. CommScope is a leading worldwide network infrastructure provider which hosts many seminar events across the world. CommScope has put together Innovation@Work: A travelling forum of enterprise expertise.

The event invites industry experts to attend and listen to CommScope innovation leaders. Together we take a look at trends, new technologies, and best practices in IT strategies. The symposium allows IT industry professionals to attend talks, participate in discussions, and collaborate with IT leaders. Activo is attending to get insight on future trends and discover new solutions to keep our customers up-to-date with the latest advancements in IT infrastructure.

The enterprise IT industry is always changing and networks become more advanced and integrated. We’re looking forward to what the Innovation@Work Network Symposium has to offer to our customers.

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