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Employee Spotlight: Azher Mohammed

Here at Activo, we’re proud to work with some of the best in IT, Networking, and Telecommunications. Come with us to get to know our team members better, gathering insight into their career paths and what they love about Activo.

Get to Know Azher Mohammed, Senior ITS Network Expert

Azher Mohammed joined the Activo team nearly ten years ago and has been a critical member ever since. He is our Senior ITS Network Expert, supporting many of our clients in the management of networking, voice and collaboration, and wireless services. We’re proud to announce that Azher was named the winner of our 2023 Activo Recognition Award, having gone above and beyond in several ways over the years. We’re proud of all his work – his award was well deserved!

We spoke with Azher to get insights into what has kept him at Activo for the last decade, what makes him excited about his career, and to learn more about what drives his passion.

Hi Azher. Firstly, congratulations on your award!

Thank you so much. I didn’t expect the recognition award. I know at Activo we recognize individuals, but I was so surprised when I received the Recognition Program Award. I didn’t do anything at work looking for recognition, but it was amazing to see how management sees how I go above and beyond – I felt very lucky to receive it. It was an emotional moment for me.

How did you get started at Activo?

I arrived in Canada as an immigrant skilled worker with permanent residence with my family. I was working in IT and was looking for a new job in the field when I came across Activo. I really enjoyed the environment and the people I worked with –I felt a lot of positivity in the workplace and enjoyed that atmosphere. I’ve been with Activo ever since!

What is it that you do in your role?

My role is as a Senior ITS Network Expert. My specialization is in networking, voice-over IP’s, and wireless. This means I support the team in anything to do with the configuration of these items, including firewalls, phone systems, communications, access control, wireless surveys, and more. My team takes a look and figures out what is required for businesses to obtain these services, like how many access points need to be installed, etc.

I’m not just an expert in one area, but in many different fields, so I can provide insights for several different services.

How did you get started in IT?

Initially I went to school and got my Masters in Commerce – after completing that I wanted a career-oriented path that would drive me over the years. I was curious about IT and decided to take some courses, and I fell in love with the subject. From there, I built up my expertise and stayed in the field.

What advice would you give to someone looking to join the IT field?

I would say that IT is a challenging path – don’t choose it if you’re looking for a job where you can take it easy all the time. There’s a responsibility to learn everything you can about your field and keep up to date. Some days, you may have to work extra hours in times when there are switches or the network is down to keep your clients happy.

However, once you have a complete understanding of your area of focus, it gets much easier. Then, you can relax a little bit and know you have the expertise to move forward and solve problems as they arise. It’s a rewarding position once you put in the work, full of constant learning.

Why do you love working at Activo?

Activo is a great place to work, they do things differently from other businesses – the recognition program, for example. Upper management recognizes the work that everyone completes and highlights when you go above and beyond. It makes you feel good when you do extra work – not that you look for recognition, but rather that your managers recognize that work and value you for it.

Other businesses I’ve worked for in the past haven’t done that; knowing that you’re valued and compensated for the extra things that you do really separates Activo from other businesses.

Also, they understand and treat you like a person in the workplace. When emergencies arise, or I need to do something to help my family, there’s no problem. I have support to put my family first and care for their needs – that’s a value Activo shares with all its employees.

Lastly, do you have any hobbies you’d like to share?

Yes! I’ve recently started picking up some new skills – I started attending a gym and taking Zumba classes, which I really enjoy. It helps me lift my dopamine levels, which helps me think outside of the box every day. I think exercise is something that everyone should include in their regular routine.

Also, I’ve recently taken up guitar lessons as a hobby. I’m enjoying picking up and developing a new skill – I find it very rewarding. There’s no end of things to learn out there!

For more information about Activo, our team, and what makes us different, check out our about page. To get in touch with our team and find out how we can help, contact us today.

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