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Employee Spotlight: Dustin Boyd

Here at Activo, we’re proud to work with some of the best in IT, Networking, and Telecommunications. Come with us to get to know our team members better, gathering insight into their career paths and what they love about Activo.

Get to Know Dustin Boyd, Project Support Specialist

Dustin Boyd joined the Activo team in 2018 and has been an active member of our team since. Currently a project support specialist, Dustin is in training to become a project manager and is completing certifications to take on this role in the future. An important member of our team, we’re proud to say Dustin was the 2022 Activo Employee of the Year and is a shining representation of what an Activo employee should be.

Dustin is currently a project support specialist, acting as a primary contact for one of our major clients. He is responsible for managing the quoting, project management, and support for many of our high-profile clients.

We spoke with Dustin to gather more insight into his growing career, his life at Activo, and to learn more about what makes him passionate about his job.

Hi Dustin. It’s great to meet you! How did you get started at Activo?

I started at Activo in 2018 after being approached by a recruiter who thought I would be a good fit with the company. I was working a job that required long hours away from my family at the time, and I was attracted to Activo’s family-oriented business approach. After my interview, I was offered a position on the team, and I’m proud to be here and have been growing since.

What is it that you do in your role?

I have a multi-faceted position, as I’m currently a project support specialist and a primary contact for one of our major clients while also completing certifications to start a new role as a project manager.

In my current role, I facilitate communications and project coordination between Activo and our clients. I manage the quoting process for new projects, working with the estimators and communicating the quotes back to the client to initiate project work. I’m then responsible for overseeing the workflow, project completion, and management from start to end.

I also help with backup for any repair contracts our client needs. As I mentioned, I’m also working on completing certification to move up as a project manager at Activo.

What is the process like as you train for this new role?

We’re all working together towards that goal of me attaining my certification for project management and then moving into that role at Activo. Activo has supported my ambition and helped me make time for my education while also building a structured approach to help me achieve this new position.

I am working with several project managers who provide education and direction and have mentors at Activo who have gone above and beyond to help me along the way.

A lot of larger companies make you feel like a number, but at Activo, they’re really good at understanding their team – knowing what people’s strengths are and accommodating those to best support team members and their own business. They make the time to look for what people want and their goals and prioritize them.

What has been your most meaningful accomplishment at work?

I’m very proud of a recent project we obtained, as it wasn’t, in fact, a project that we won at first. One of our competitors had picked it up but had been dropping the ball with communicating with our client.

The client reached out to me, as we have a unique partnership and multiple projects with them, highlighting the issues and requesting that we help them out immediately. I took on the project, and before long, the client was turning all projects of this kind to us thanks to the work we completed. Our relationship with the client and the work we completed turned a small project into a national rollout with over 700 locations, which wouldn’t have been possible without the work we did to build the relationship and the high-quality work we’ve performed over the years.

What advice would you give to anyone looking to join the Activo team?

For my role, I’d say to be ready to have conversations with people. It’s really important to be able to reach out to people you’ve never spoken to before and be able to carry on a conversation. In the project support specialist role and in the project management role, you meet a lot of new people on a regular basis; you can’t be shy.

What’s your favourite part of working at Activo?

Most importantly, the biggest part of Activo I love is our close-knit community. Even while working remotely, I still have relationships with other teams I’ve worked with in the past. We all communicate and chat with each other on a regular basis, whether about work or just casually, and that helps us build lasting relationships that have helped all of us grow in our roles and as people.

For more information about Activo, our team, and what makes us different, check out our about page. To get in touch with our team and find out how we can help, contact us today.

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