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Why Work with an AV Team to Complete Your Projects?

Many companies offer audio and visual (AV) solutions, but they often only provide parts of the puzzle. Working with a full-service team ensures that your project runs smoothly and provides you with a trustworthy team.

Choosing a full-service team like Activo will save you money and time in the long term while also providing you with a better system. Whether you’re looking for digital signage or a new conferencing system, we make sure that you work with an expert team that ensures that you are happy with the results.

A full-service AV team can provide accurate estimates that save you money, create effective solutions based on your facility, communicate effortlessly through the project, and create a better result for your end-users.

Effective Solutions

Building a successful AV system starts with a consultation. A professional company like Activo will dispatch a team of specialists to understand the needs of your business, communications obstacles, future growth of your facility, and the technical, logistical, and capital needs of your business.

These teams will consider both the current and future needs of your business and will try to include your existing technologies and equipment to achieve your desired results.

Accurate Estimates

A full-service team will work with professional estimators to give you a realistic idea of how long things will take and how much your project will cost. They do this by using certified professionals who help determine what staff, design, engineering, equipment, and services will be needed.

Other companies that don’t use professional estimators may suggest it will cost less or take less time, but can sometimes ask you to buy more than you need or extend their timelines without warning.

Smooth Communication

When you work with a full-service solution, you don’t have to relay communications between companies your business works with, nor do you have to worry about understanding half-completed projects because teams communicate with each other internally.

A full-service team will design, engineer, and implement a project quickly because they know what’s always happening. Working with a full-service solution saves time and money in the long run by creating an easy process for your audio and visual solutions.

Better End Products

The best system is one that is well-designed and well-built. Our work at Activo is to ensure the user experience is at its best and stays that way. Systems should be made to grow with your company, with room for technological advancement in both hardware and software.

Activo’s full-service teams will provide you with documentation, equipment and project manuals, training, and service and support to help you move forward.

While many of these benefits seem obvious, they can be easily overlooked. Trusting your AV team to design and implement a solution will save you money and headaches down the road.

For more information about Activo’s full-service offerings in audio and visual, visit our AV solutions page. If you’re interested in working together on your next AV project, contact us today!

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