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Commercial AV Solutions

AV solutions enable you to get your messages to the right people at the right times—whether to colleagues during a conference call, customers who should know about promotions through digital signage, or employees who need to know how to proceed in the event of an emergency.

Activo designs, supplies, and installs integrated audiovisual systems for businesses and organizations across Canada. Our scalable solutions address clients at every level—products, integrated solutions, enterprise solutions, strategic initiatives, and a range of field services. Activo’s audiovisual specialists have multi-vendor integration expertise, which means they can ensure you have access to a full range of responsive and flexible solutions as well as technology and support services designed to enhance productivity and maintain cost control.

Why Choose Us?

Integrated Technologies & Networks

We build your network, putting the necessary hardware, software, network, and controls in place to make systems work harmoniously together.

Future-Ready Infrastructures

The Age of the Information Society is turning disparate platforms into interconnected, interoperable, and smart networks. We work with you to ensure you are able to take full advantage of emerging trends.

Lifecycle Support

Our highly trained and certified technicians monitor, maintain, and enhance your networking infrastructures throughout their lifecycles—saving you time and money while minimizing risk.