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6 Features of Hosted VoIP to Enhance Your Mobility

by Kevin Gillingham | Jan 14, 2014

VoIPVoIP is particularly essential for businesses and employees on the go – the mobility solutions provided by hosted VoIP simply cannot be matched by older phone systems.

In an article from Voxilla, a website dedicated to providing information about new technologies, the author discusses some of the best tools that VoIP offers to build a customized mobility approach:


6 Valuable VoIP Mobility Features

1. Voicemail to Email: Allow employees to receive voicemail messages conveniently to their email inboxes.

2. Unified Communications: Integrate all communication functions, features, and devices to eliminate the need to juggle multiple phone numbers, communication methods, etc.

3. Video Conferencing: Save time and money by conducting key face-to-face meetings via reliable, high-quality video conferencing.

4. Virtual Fax: Send and receive faxes to email, giving access to faxed information from anywhere.

5. Web Collaboration: Through audio, video, and content-sharing tools, enhance the collaboration capacity of employees – both amongst themselves and with clients.

6. “Anywhere” Functionality: Route inbound business calls to other devices (such as a personal cell or home phone) and mask outbound calls from a personal device with a business identity.

Your VoIP system can be programmed to allow off-premise phones and computers to operate as part of your corporate network. Seamless mobility can be achieved, and is a necessary consideration for companies competing in an increasingly decentralized and globalized business environment.

As the article states, “A customized suite of VoIP-powered solutions can eliminate the cost and headache of an outdated telephone system, and integrate a cost-effective managed voice solution with far greater capabilities.”

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