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Why Structured Cabling Is the Backbone of the Digital Building

by Kevin Gillingham | Nov 01, 2018

By now, you are familiar with the benefits the digital building will bring—from reducing costs and improving safety to simplifying maintenance and troubleshooting, improving customer and user satisfaction, and more. But underlying the realization of these promises is a fundamental question. Will your network be able to support the demands digital buildings place on it? […]

3 IoT Trends for 2018 (and Beyond)

by Kevin Gillingham | Mar 23, 2018

The Internet of Things (IoT) is impacting organizations and businesses across a range of industries, and it’s only getting started. Over 30% of organizations have already started using the IoT, and 69% either plan to or have in the next year. Joseph M. Bradley, Global Vice President of the Digital & IoT Professional Services Organization […]

4 Reasons You Still Have Bandwidth Problems

by Kevin Gillingham | Jan 29, 2016

A new age of innovation is upon us, bringing with it self-driving cars, state-of-the-art phones, on-demand video streaming services, and more. Despite constant advancements, why are we still dragged down by lagging bandwidth? An article in Data Center Knowledge, an online thought leader in the data center industry, explores this topic in “Why You Still […]

E911 for Businesses with VoIP

by Kevin Gillingham | Oct 01, 2015

Is your workplace currently equipped for people to easily call emergency services? Emergencies can arise at work as easily as they can at home; however, some businesses aren’t set up properly to enable E911 calls.

Does Your Business Have Enough Bandwidth?

by Kevin Gillingham | May 11, 2015

Your business needs bandwidth. Every time you consume data through your network, whether it is email, VoIP, video conferencing, or downloading files, you are using bandwidth. If you don’t have enough bandwidth, you’ll find your applications slow and loading times long. That’s because you have too many demands on a limited amount of bandwidth. And […]

Is Mobile VoIP the Future of VoIP?

by Kevin Gillingham | Oct 17, 2014

Voice over IP technology (VoIP) provides a vast array of new capabilities and features for savvy business owners. Through VoIP’s collaboration capabilities, we can now have high quality video and audio conferences from our desks, our home offices, or the boardroom. The next step in the evolution of VoIP technology is mobile VoIP. Portable devices, […]

Everything Business Owners Need to Know About VoIP [Whitepaper]

by Kevin Gillingham | Sep 19, 2014

Is your business using Voice over IP (VoIP) technology? Are you thinking about implementing VoIP? VoIP is a great choice for business owners that want to upgrade their phone system. When compared with traditional phone systems, it offers a huge number of new, useful features, better call quality, and lower costs. Ziff Davis offers a […]

VoIP Call Quality and Reliability – Can It Match Traditional Phone Networks?

by Kevin Gillingham | Sep 05, 2014

Many business owners want to update their phone systems to VoIP (Voice over IP), but are held back by concerns about VoIP’s quality and reliability. Is VoIP as trustworthy as traditional PSTN (public switched telephone network) systems? The answer is yes. Cloud VoIP can certainly be just as reliable as traditional phone systems – and […]

The Crisis-Resistance of Cloud Voice

by Kevin Gillingham | Jun 12, 2014

Previously, we’ve discussed many of the benefits of cloud voice systems: mobility, better features, reduced costs, and so on. Another crucial advantage of cloud voice is its crisis-resistance. Most organizations consider communications to be a mission-critical component of their business. You can’t afford to have the phone systems go down when your customers are trying […]

How is VoIP Changing Business Communications?

by Kevin Gillingham | May 12, 2014

Voice over IP technology, or “VoIP” as it is commonly known, is a business communications solution to replace outdated telephony systems. VoIP is growing increasingly popular for all sizes and types of organizations, as it is adaptable enough to meet the specific needs of any company.   VoIP is an advanced, integrated solution that is […]