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Help Your Business Thrive with Managed Services

by Jim Taylor | Aug 29, 2022

Outsourcing IT can be a cost-effective solution for businesses.  However, outsourcing is no longer an acceptable IT solution on its own as it only fixes problems when they occur. If your business isn’t connected, you’re not making money. Managed Services provide a 24/7 preventative solution to your business’ infrastructure as a whole.  A proper Managed […]

Microsoft Teams Direct Routing Provides a Unified Communication Solution for Enterprises

by Jim Taylor | Nov 16, 2021

Last year we have witnessed a radical shift in the way we work, our customer expectations and workforce transformation, and there is no going back. The shift to hybrid work requires agility, greater flexibility for the employees and an opportunity for the business leader to rethink business transformation. Remote and hybrid working has led to […]

Why You Need to Be Ready to Deploy a Digital Building Architecture

by Kevin Gillingham | May 29, 2018

The digital building is the foundation of your transformation, delivering efficiencies running throughout the entire lifecycle of your infrastructure including: Savings of up to 30% in energy use, maintenance, and spatial management. An over 15% increase in productivity. The elimination of as much as 50% of our energy waste. However you look at it, the […]

5 Benefits of Cloud Communications

by Kevin Gillingham | Dec 15, 2017

The relationship between businesses and their technology—how they use it, what they need from it, and how it helps them grow—is constantly evolving. With trends like the Information Society and the Internet of Things fundamentally changing the ways organizations operate, we need to be ready to embrace new and emerging technologies that help us make […]

4 Insights on What a Digital Transformation Will Mean for Your Business

by Kevin Gillingham | Aug 30, 2017

The evolution of the Information Society is affecting businesses around the world—public and private, large and small, B2B and B2C. It’s demanding more from them, but it’s also offering rewards in return including increased productivity and better results. Keep reading to find out our thoughts on what the Digital Transformation has in store for your […]

What Unified Communications Really Means for Your Organization

by Kevin Gillingham | Feb 08, 2017

There are a variety of definitions for unified communications (UC) ranging from technologically-focused understandings to discussions about intra- and inter-team collaboration. But at the heart of each is one central theme: simplifying and streamlining communications for organizations of all sizes around the world. Keep reading to go beyond the definition and find out what UC […]

4 Ways You Can Be More Productive at Work

by Kevin Gillingham | Jan 11, 2017

Your office is a hub of activity, but is everyone always there? Between work-related travel, off-site meetings, and flexible scheduling, it can be challenging to architect future-ready communications infrastructures and get everyone in one place. Your teams need to be connected whenever and wherever they’re working to stay on top of the game and drive […]

5 Trends for an Increasingly Mobile Workforce

by Kevin Gillingham | Aug 31, 2016

More than ever, mobile devices are becoming a central part of people’s day-to-day lives. They’re how we find information, keep in touch with friends and family, stay on top of our calendars – they’re even how we work. Of the three billion participants in our global workforce, 80% of them don’t work at a desk, […]

The Future Looks Bright with Cisco’s Digital Ceiling

by Kevin Gillingham | Aug 05, 2016

The Internet of Things (IoT) is bringing about changes across a range of industries – connecting people, places, processes, and things to create new opportunities to streamline operations and cut costs. Success means pushing digital intelligence to its limits to enable more accurate, agile infrastructures. Cisco is leading the way with its Digital Ceiling, which […]

Cisco Sparks a Revolution in Team Communication and Collaboration

by Kevin Gillingham | Mar 24, 2016

In today’s age of hyper-connectivity, companies of every size need to move fast and innovate quickly to remain competitive. But transforming traditional organizations can be challenging, becoming bogged down by outdated technologies and cumbersome infrastructures. Cisco Spark is a cloud-based collaboration tool, designed to change the way you work without changing the way you work. […]