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What Unified Communications Really Means for Your Organization

There are a variety of definitions for unified communications (UC) ranging from technologically-focused understandings to discussions about intra- and inter-team collaboration. But at the heart of each is one central theme: simplifying and streamlining communications for organizations of all sizes around the world.

Keep reading to go beyond the definition and find out what UC really means for you:

Defining Unified Communications

UC is a term used to describe solutions that integrate different methods of communication (including real-time and non-real-time) into a single environment to simplify platform management, improve connections between employees, and meet larger business needs.

UC can bring together components including:

  • Varying forms of messaging (instant, unified, etc.).
  • Applications designed to make teamwork easier, connecting larger groups and encouraging collaboration among them.
  • Up-to-date presence information to let you know if a contact is occupied or available.
  • Video conferencing capabilities, whether on mobile devices, individual PCs, or systems based in a single room (or set of rooms).
  • Mobile applications that extend UC to devices like smartphones or tablets.

UC is the ideal solution for any company interested in taking full advantage of new and traditional communication technologies.

5 Benefits of a Unified Communications Approach

Unifying your communications enables your business to address today’s challenges head on – bringing collaboration platforms, tools, and services together in one always-on, easy-to-access place so you can:

1. Work More Effectively and Efficiently

Built-in features like presence information make it simple to see when people are available and how you can connect with them. Is a team member free to IM but not voice chat? You’ll be able to find out and reduce time spent trying unsuccessfully to contact someone.

2. Encourage Collaboration

Having quick access to important tools and information enables teams to collaborate and make changes in real time, managing a greater number of materials and executing even the most complex projects.

3. Connect Your Team Members from Anywhere

UC makes it easier for employees to work collaboratively on projects from anywhere, locally or globally. If a team member needs to spend part or all of the day away from the office, having a flexible UC strategy in place means they can use the information and applications they need – including mission-critical ones – to make working remotely just as productive as being at the office.

Much of this interconnectivity is being made possible by the cloud and cloud-based software, applications, and storage.

4. Streamline Communications

Just under half of all workers would prefer to have a single device for both professional and personal needs. With so many options to choose from (like smartphones, tablets, and other mobile tools), organizations need to make sure they’re thinking beyond the desk phone.

The right UC strategy enables people to choose between devices and platforms, adapting and adjusting their technological choices to suit their individual preferences and work styles.

5.  Make Technology Invisible

The technologies driving your business should operate invisibly behind the curtain to let users accomplish everything they need to without interruption.

  • Features like single sign-on (SSO) make it easy to switch seamlessly between devices, platforms, and applications without needing to remember unique usernames and passwords.
  • Automatic call forwarding provides consistent experiences for both your employees and customers.
  • Flexible document sharing gives your teams access to the information and resources they need.

UC enables you to take advantage of all the benefits technology has to offer, transforming how you do business and driving results by making your teams more efficient, effective, and productive.

At Activo, we offer a range of UC solutions tailored to meet your specific needs and goals. Contact us today.

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