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4 Ways You Can Be More Productive at Work

Your office is a hub of activity, but is everyone always there?

Between work-related travel, off-site meetings, and flexible scheduling, it can be challenging to architect future-ready communications infrastructures and get everyone in one place. Your teams need to be connected whenever and wherever they’re working to stay on top of the game and drive results.

Mitel recently put together a short guide on how to boost productivity at work. We’ve summarized the top 4 tips:

1. Enable Employees to Work from Anywhere

54% of workers will do work from a location outside of their organization’s office at least once a week.

They need to have communication tools that let them keep in touch whether they’re visiting a customer, waiting in an airport, staying in a hotel room, or working from their home.

  • For remote workers, that means having phones with features like voicemail, call forwarding, and extension dialing from anywhere.
  • Mobile workers need phones that integrate seamlessly with your whole communications infrastructure. If your industry is highly mobile, consider tools like wireless headsets or cordless handsets.

Capabilities and features like these will ensure your teams can maximize their productivity wherever they are.

Read our blog to find out what trends are on the way for increasingly mobile workforces!

2. Encourage Users to Choose Their Technology

Workers want to have a consistent communications experience across all of their devices. 60% would like to have the option to choose their work tablet or smartphone, while 47% would prefer a single device for both work and personal needs.

When evaluating communications systems, look for one featuring single enterprise identity. That will provide users with one directory entry and mailbox to be used with any of their phones.

3. Make It Easy for Geographically Dispersed Teams to Communicate

Your employees shouldn’t be spending time looking for colleagues – especially if the person they’re looking for is an office (or an ocean) away:

  • Give teams access to presence information, letting them know when co-workers are available for a call, conference, or meeting.
  • Open calendars so your staff will know when colleagues are busy.
  • Automatically re-route calls to mobile devices when a Bluetooth connection is enabled.

Taking easy steps like these will keep your teams connected in all places and at all times.

4. Help Your Teams Make Quicker, Better Decisions

Whether your teams work out of your main office or do most of their work at home, the key to boosting productivity is keeping workers connected to the tools and information they need.

That means giving them access to:

  • Single contact numbers.
  • On-the-go instant messaging.
  • Audio and video conferencing.
  • Document sharing.

Being able to take advantage of tools, services, and applications that enable complete collaboration will help your teams work better together, boost efficiency, and maximize productivity.

At Activo, we work with industry-leading partners like Mitel to deliver solutions for businesses of any size looking to maximize success in the IoT. Contact us today to discuss your needs!

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