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IP Traffic to Triple by 2020 as 1 Billion New Users and 10 Billion New Devices Join the Global Internet Community [Infographic]

IP Networks have become essential in today’s business landscape – whether you work in an office, out of your home, at a remote site, or on the road. More than ever before, IP networks need to support an increasing number of users and devices to let people connect, communicate, collaborate, and consume over faster, more reliable networks.

But just how significant is the global growth? In a recent study, Cisco predicted that by 2020:

  • Global internet traffic will triple, soaring from 72.5 to 194.4 exabytes.
  • The number of internet users will reach 4.1 billion versus 3 billion in 2015.
  • There will be 26.3 billion network-connected devices compared to 16.3 billion in 2015.
  • Video content will comprise 82% of all network traffic versus 70% in 2015.

These statistics come from Cisco’s recently released Visual Networking Index (VNI) forecast, which aims to forecast the global growth expected for IP networks and understand how emerging technology trends and visual networking (social media, video, and collaboration applications) will transform the broadband landscape. It includes an infographic illustrating some of the changes anticipated by 2020.


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