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3 Ways Future-Ready Cabling Prepares Networks for the Internet of Things

In 2016, the number of internet-connected devices will grow by 30% to over 6 billion units globally. That number will soar to 20.8 billion connected devices by 2020. In the Internet of Things (IoT), every signal transmitted matters – whether it’s a security camera guaranteeing 24/7 monitoring, an HD display running information bulletins, or a wireless access point providing network connections to employees and visitors.

Ensuring that networks and cabling systems are ready to handle heightened demand is an integral part of this dynamic shift. It’s important to choose the right cabling engineered specifically to manage increased loads and minimize issues like crosstalk, resistance, return loss, and more.

Keep reading to learn how the right cabling will prepare your networks for the IoT:

1.     Ensure Zero Downtime in the Internet of Things

Now more than ever before, failure isn’t an option for any network. With the IoT, downtime means security systems malfunctioning, phones not working, alarms not operating, and smart lighting systems keeping a building’s inhabitants in the dark. Networks today need to continue transmitting data packets constantly while never compromising their delivery of powered links to service connected devices.

When you think about it, that’s asking for a lot from your network.

2.     Make Smarter, Better, Faster Decisions

Today’s advanced control and communication systems are facilitating greater interoperability, maximum flexibility, faster response times, and the delivery of real-time data. Is your physical infrastructure keeping up? Network components – including cabling solutions – need to adapt in order to successfully accommodate the enhanced capabilities and increased demands of connected devices.

Cisco’s Digital Ceiling, for example, uses the IoT to turn lightbulbs into smart data sources. Lights on Power over Ethernet (PoE) are able to adjust to the real-time needs of the building and its occupants. Connected unified services solutions can also control temperatures by tapping into HVAC systems and provide 24/7 monitoring of Wi-Fi, smoke detection, building access control, and video cameras – lowering costs of ownership by 20-30%.

3.     Respond Rapidly to Increased Network Needs

The right cabling acts to ensure every link will be delivered every time, regardless of environmental or handling conditions; it prepares you for the IoT by improving the physical integrity of your cabling channel to meet heightened demand. Moving data reliably means improved communications, streamlined operations, and reliable signal integrity for all your mission-critical needs throughout your cabling infrastructure.

Cabling is a long-term investment for any business, enabling success in a technology-driven marketplace. Finding the right cabling solutions will prepare you to make the most of the IoT.

Activo provides cabling solutions for businesses of any size looking to maximize success in the IoT. Contact us today to discuss your cabling needs!

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