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Activo Win: Infrastructure Cabling and AV Solutions for a Canada-wide Insurance Provider [Case Study]

A leading Canadian insurance provider has recently extended their contract with Activo to complete extensive work in their sites across the country.

The Business Problem: Transition to IP Network

This organization was transitioning to IP networks in their locations across Canada, and therefore requires new infrastructure cabling that can support the updated network.

Furthermore, they were looking to update their audiovisual (AV) systems. They needed AV that would integrate seamlessly with the new IP network and provide robust conferencing and collaboration capabilities.

CablingWhy Activo?

Single Provider: Our model suited the client’s needs perfectly. Activo is a single provider of a wide range of IP solutions, including both infrastructure and AV systems. We were able to integrate the separate components into a cohesive solution that was designed to operate at optimal capacity.

Canada-wide: We are a Canada-wide company, which allowed us to service their locations across the country efficiently and effectively.

Activo Customized Solutions

Activo designed and integrated customized solutions to meet the client’s needs in each of their physical locations.

Infrastructure Cabling: Our certified technicians across Canada are experienced and knowledgeable. We determined the best type of cabling for the client’s network and building requirements, created an appropriate infrastructure design to suit current and future needs, and installed the infrastructure to meet industry standards and best practices.

Audiovisual Collaboration Solutions: We understand the evolution of AV; it is an integral part of a collaboration solution. AV technologies must integrate with IP networks to successfully meet the future. Our technicians designed and installed a comprehensive conferencing and collaboration AV solution for the client, including sound systems, video displays, controls for monitors, table microphones, and so on.


With one company to do the work, our client has been able to cut down on costs and eliminate the potential logistical confusion that can occur when multiple companies are contracted.

We have extended our contract with this company and are committed to a two year engagement to fully update their existing locations with our customized infrastructure and AV solutions.

>> Activo is your single provider for your business technology needs anywhere in Canada. Contact us today to discuss how we can help your business!

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