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What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Different Video System Options for Business?

Does your business need a video system as part of your integrated audiovisual conferencing solution? Or to display high quality digital signage to guests in your building?

Either way, many organizations now incorporate video in their everyday activities.

Video conferencing streamlines business processes and productivity by improving collaboration and connectivity with colleagues, clients, business partners, and so on. Digital signage gives your company a polished appearance, impressing potential customers or clients.

Video systems have become accessible to all types of businesses, from small to enterprise-level. Once you have decided a video system will benefit your business, one of the things you need to decide is which type of video system is best for your needs.

3 Types of Video Systems Ideal for Business Applications

Video systems for businessProjection Systems: Projection video systems consist of a projector, projection screen, projector lifts, and mounting hardware. They are great for use in meeting rooms and board rooms.

Display Systems: Video display systems consist of an LCD display and mounting hardware. This type of video system is versatile, and could be used in board rooms or smaller offices. It can also be used to display advertising or information anywhere in your building.

Video Wall Systems: Video wall systems consist of multiple LCD displays or rear projection displays, a graphics engine, and mounting hardware. They take up more space than the above options, and are ideal for control rooms, some board rooms, or large advertising signage.

Key Advantages and Disadvantages of Video Systems for Business




Projection System

Most cost effective per inch

Ability to hide away when not in use

Requires lower ambient light levels

Focus needs to be set

Display System

Clearest image

Does not require low ambient light

90” limitation
Video Wall System

Clearest image

Does not require low ambient light

Creates one large Display System

Most expensive cost per inch

LCD type can only be used for video



Video System Ideal Uses

Video Conferencing

  • Boardrooms
  • Small meeting spaces
  • Offices
  • Training rooms / distance education
  • Town Hall spaces

Digital Signage

  • Lobbies and foyers
  • Call centers
  • Any public area

Each category of video system has a wide variety of options of specific hardware, software, and set-up. An experienced video solution provider can work with you to determine precisely which combination will best meet your needs.

>> Activo has the expertise to recommend the right video system solution for your business or building. Contact us to get started!

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