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Cat6A Cabling Significantly Improves Video Quality [Video]

by Kevin Gillingham | Jan 06, 2015

Cat6ABusinesses need effective, well designed structured data cabling to support their network and business-critical applications.

The cabling infrastructure is the delivery system for voice, data, security, PoE, wireless access points, and more. It determines the available bandwidth and capacity of the network.

Therefore, cabling is one of the most essential components of any office or building’s network infrastructure.

Many businesses currently have older versions of cabling installed throughout their building, such as Cat5 and Cat5e. However, the newest available version is Cat6A (with Cat7 on the horizon). Typically, Cat5e infrastructure can meet the current needs of small offices – but it will not sustain network growth into the future.

A recent video from Andy Jimenez, Vice President of Technology for Anixter, explains how we are already seeing the limitations of minimally compliant Cat5e infrastructure on current applications.

Specifically, Cat5e infrastructure yields significantly reduced video quality when using video compression techniques, when compared to a Cat6A infrastructure.

This has implications for your surveillance security systems, as well as any broadcast-quality video.

We encourage you to watch the video below to see the difference:

If security or video compression applications are important for your business, you need to consider upgrading to Cat6A cabling to ensure high video quality.

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