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How Smart Buildings Can Lower Costs and Increase Productivity

Smart City

There is a growing demand for spaces that integrate people and systems in a dynamic, functional, and efficient way. These spaces known as smart buildings use the Internet of Things (IoT) to automate operations resulting in lower functioning costs, increased employee productivity, and enhanced customer experience.


Among the many benefits, intelligent building technology offers are a reduction of energy costs, the use of data to timely monitor performance, and early detection of faults. In short, smart buildings directly benefit the building owner, manager, and occupants. Here is how:

Operating Costs

Imagine walking into a building in which the temperature and lighting can automatically change to individual and environmental preference. By using sensors and monitors, smart buildings can set the temperature according to the weather outside or switch lights on or off depending on whether there is anyone in the room. Valuable insights can be gained into how much energy a building is consuming and this data can be used to make real-time adjustments to the HVAC and lighting systems remotely by building managers. With access to this data on their smartphones, employees are more aware of their carbon footprint and are mindful of energy consumption.

Operating costs can easily rise in buildings when equipment is not performing to optimal levels or needs repairs. Smart buildings can detect faults in a time-efficient manner, providing owners and managers with relevant data that can be used to make informed decisions on what measures are required to rectify the situation. With early detection, preventive steps can be taken, saving time and money on costly repairs or worse, further damage.

Employee Productivity 

Besides cutting down on energy costs, smart buildings can gather data and provide valuable feedback on how to make a space more engaging and productive for employees. The building automation system can monitor the air quality and detect when CO2 levels are high and automatically adjust the oxygen levels. This leads to employee alertness, better concentration, and improved productivity.

With personalized controls, smart buildings allow employees to control temperature and light settings, creating a more productive and comfortable working environment. Employees can also increase their efficiency by reducing time spent on mundane tasks. For example, in a smart building, employees can locate colleagues, reserve space for a meeting or find the optimal working area through a web interface or mobile app.

By promoting a comfortable and environmentally friendly space, HR professionals can use a smart building to attract new talent and decrease the turnover of existing employees. Smart buildings use data to save energy and increase efficiency. They provide an automated system that helps reduce operating costs and measures which boost the productivity of employees. Smart buildings provide solutions for owners, managers and those who occupy them.

Embracing intelligent building technology is essential in staying ahead of your competitors. To take full advantage of emerging innovations with future-ready infrastructures, it is essential to have a network systems infrastructure based on your specific requirements.

At Activo, we leverage technology to develop IP networks to help you gain that competitive edge. For more information about how Activo can incorporate intelligent transform into your existing or new structure, click here.

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