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What is a Digital Building and Why Does My Business Need to Adapt?

Digital buildings, also known as smart buildings or intelligent buildings, integrate Internet of Things (IoT) systems into various aspects of a building to produce more efficient and economical results with a streamlined user experience.

Previously standalone systems like security, audio/visual, lighting, HVAC, energy management, and more are connected through a centralized IP platform that facilitates cloud-based building management. Digital sensors feed data into this centralized hub, enabling data analysis to provide insights and allow operators to monitor and control building systems in real-time as required.

What are the Benefits of Digital Buildings?

Access to this real-time data enables businesses to predict faults, monitor system performance, and gain insights into how a building’s spaces can be optimized. It allows users to adapt building conditions for wellness, comfort, and productivity.

Let’s dive into some of the individual benefits gained when businesses adopt digital buildings.

Energy Efficiency

Digital buildings monitor energy usage in real-time and continually collect data which can be used to influence decisions and optimize energy consumption. By comparing lighting usage to building occupancy and natural light availability, for example, or with insights regarding air quality, businesses can create sustainable and energy-efficient offices and reduce over-consumption. This data-driven decision-making results in lower energy bills and a reduced carbon footprint, aiding companies in reaching their sustainability goals and acquiring a LEED certification.

Occupant Experience

Smart buildings allow operators to adjust internal temperatures and change lighting settings through intuitive interfaces to produce a more comfortable experience for occupants, effectively increasing tenant satisfaction and retention. Digital buildings also collect data regarding business amenities like parking availability and occupancy percentage to influence decisions and produce a streamlined experience for occupants and visitors alike.

Cost Savings

Businesses benefit from cost savings when utilizing digital buildings thanks to their ability to optimize energy usage and enable informed decision-making. Real-time data on machine performance allows managers to perform predictive maintenance when required and avoid costly issues down the road. Occupancy data helps managers to optimize the building’s energy use and reduce waste.

Predictive Maintenance

IoT sensors throughout smart buildings allow managers to monitor building systems and equipment in real-time and address potential issues before they become significant disruptors. The ability to detect and address issues like malfunctioning equipment, environmental changes, and network congestion allows businesses to fix problems as they arise and avoid significant delays or disruptions, improving overall operations and occupant experience.

Increased Security

Digital buildings can integrate with electronic security systems to monitor and restrict access to certain areas and provide real-time video surveillance and analytics to aid in security monitoring. With the addition of real-time alerts and notifications, businesses can effectively protect their occupants and assets in case of emergencies while reducing liability and associated costs.

How to Transition to a Digital Building with Activo

Activo specializes in the installation and integration of the technologies and systems required for digital buildings.

Activo begins by collaborating with businesses to develop a comprehensive plan for transitioning to digital buildings. We provide complete project management services to ensure the transition to digital buildings is completed on schedule, on budget, and to the desired specifications to guarantee a successful result.

By partnering with Activo, businesses can ensure a smooth and successful transition to digital buildings that enable them to reap the benefits, including lowered operational costs, higher security measures, and improved occupant experience. Our expertise, experience, and range of services provide a holistic transformation to digital buildings that enable businesses to achieve their goals and realize the full potential of digital building technologies.

Are you interested in implementing an integrated building management system into your office? Activo’s foundation is built on our solid understanding of network solutions.  Activo is a true integrator who has the proven capabilities to integrate smart security technologies into your digital building. Contact us today to get started and see how we can help!

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