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What is Structured Cabling?

Every office and business environment requires structured cabling for optimal functioning and true network reliability. A structured cabling system is the wired infrastructure that transmits the data essential for your network throughout your building, ensuring everyone who needs connectivity has it.

Your cabling infrastructure is the delivery system for all the applications crucial to your business, carrying voice (including VoIP) and data, as well as your security, PoE (Power over Ethernet), and wireless access points.Data Cabling

A properly designed and installed structured cabling infrastructure is hugely important for your business. Bad cabling can cause up to 80% of your network failures! You simply cannot afford to have a poor quality cabling installation.

Cabling also determines your available network bandwidth and capacity, now and in the future. Cabling will outlast most of your current technologies, including your computer, server, and network switches. If you want your technology to be scalable with your business, you must take cabling into account or face an extensive overhaul down the road.

Your company’s flow of information, ability to share resources, and capacity to accommodate changing technologies depends on well-planned cabling.  Make sure your cabling can support your bandwidth needs, future growth, and any moves, additions, or changes (MACs) within your building.

An experienced cabling professional will help you plan your structured cabling infrastructure to best reflect your current and future needs, and available budget. They know the standards and regulations that must be complied with and they know the upcoming technology trends that will impact your business 5 or 10 years down the road.

>> Activo’s certified technicians will design and install the right cabling infrastructure for your business, anywhere in Canada! Contact us today to discuss your needs.

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