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How Power over Ethernet (PoE) Benefits Your Business

Power over Ethernet (PoE) is a technology that enables your Ethernet cables to carry power as well as data. Network cabling instantly becomes more useful, as PoE eliminates the need to run high voltage power to IP end-point devices. For example, PoE can power Wi-Fi access points; these are usually located on the ceiling, where power outlets are generally not installed.

As businesses increasingly adopt IP network infrastructure to enhance collaboration and productivity, PoE has become a widely deployed solution for providing power to the multitude of IP devices.

PoE is the most practical way to deploy new IP devices anywhere in your building, with minimal hassle.

The 3 Tangible Advantages of PoE

1. Convenience and Simplicity

You’ll only need one cable for both power and data. It’s easier to connect IP devices because you won’t have to worry about having a power outlet nearby at every endpoint.

2. Cost Savings

With power over the Ethernet cable, you automatically reduce installation costs. You now have power to more areas, without having to install additional electrical infrastructure. Costs for extra wiring and outlets are eliminated.

Beyond simply reducing installation costs, PoE lowers energy costs as well. This reduces expenses while helping you meet corporate sustainability mandates. You can also consolidate backup power in the wiring closet, providing network resiliency at a lower cost.

3. Flexibility

PoE provides more power to operate more devices for voice and data communication. End-devices can be installed in places where it is difficult to get power, such as on the ceiling. This allows you to design the layout of your workspace and network devices in the most optimal configuration.

PoE is ideal for a variety of IP applications – IP security cameras and premise security, wireless access points, VoIP phones, PA/intercom systems, Point of Sale systems, sensors, audio-visual services, and more.

To sum it up, the key benefit of PoE technology is being able to operate IP devices without an electrical power infrastructure.

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