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5 Benefits of Cloud Communications

The relationship between businesses and their technology—how they use it, what they need from it, and how it helps them grow—is constantly evolving. With trends like the Information Society and the Internet of Things fundamentally changing the ways organizations operate, we need to be ready to embrace new and emerging technologies that help us make the most of our digital and connected age.

Mitel created an article that explores some of the benefits that come with cloud-based communication systems. We’ve summarized their thoughts here for you, so keep reading to learn more:

1. Enable a Mobile Workforce

It’s not uncommon for people to manage their time and activities on different devices, updating their calendar on a mobile phone while chatting with a team member using their laptop.

Consider these trends:

  • Almost 70% of employees use a personal device to check their work emails.
  • 26% say they’re productive even when they’re on the go (not at the office or at home).
  • 36% use up to three mobile devices when they’re doing their work.

Cloud communications make it easy to streamline processes by bringing people together regardless of the device they’re using—consolidating schedules for maximum transparency and unifying conversations so they can catch up on what’s being said without missing a beat.

2. Support Multiple Locations

In addition to on-the-go workers, many businesses today are looking for ways to enable remote individuals and teams, those who work at a fixed location that isn’t the main office. Remote workers have many of the same communications needs as their counterparts at the office, however they often lack the equipment and support infrastructure.

A cloud communication solution excels at creating virtual systems that connect workers anytime, anywhere to provide all users with the same set of tools and features.

3. Reduce Costs

Originally, on premise infrastructures were heralded for their potential ability to control communication costs by bringing the infrastructure in house. But as these systems age, organizations increasingly find the workloads and price tags associated with maintaining, upgrading, and expanding them going up.

Cloud communications offer better paths for growth, as they are fundamentally designed to scale efficiently and effectively.

4. Focus on Your Business, Not Your Infrastructure

Technology can have transformative impacts on an organization, but it has to be the right technology. If it’s too cumbersome or labour-intensive to work with and maintain, that can shift your focus away from what really matters—evolving and growing your business.

Cloud-based solutions make a difference by eliminating hassles associated with day-to-day administration while streamlining communications, cutting costs, and boosting productivity.

5. Stay Current with Future-Ready Tools and Software

Choosing future-ready infrastructure is crucial to making sure you and your organization will be ready to adapt, succeed, and stay ahead.

Cloud communication systems are designed to enable future growth. They can be automatically updated to ensure teams always have access to the latest features and versions, and you can increase capacity on an as-needed basis to keep pace with your growth.

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