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5 Things You Can Do with Video Analytics

More and more, network-enabled cameras are taking the place of their analog counterparts due to their more convenient size, increased efficiency, and ability to capture higher quality images.

But what can you do with the data?

Axis put together a list of five cool things you can do using video analytics. We’ve summarised them here for you to read and added our thoughts about ensuring your network infrastructure is ready to handle IP cameras:

1. Protect Your Perimeter

Today, many thermal cameras actually feature built-in analytics tools that enable them to see anytime, anywhere (especially at night). If they detect movement in a pre-defined area, that can trigger an alert to notify your security team who will be able to respond appropriately.

Keep in mind that these types of systems can and often are integrated with lights, loudspeakers, access control, and more as part of a holistic security system.

2. Recognize Faces

Facial recognition can serve two purposes depending on how and why it’s used:

  • Improving Security: When someone enters a space, their face is captured and run against an existing database to determine whether or not that person should be there. This type of facial recognition is used most often in places like airports and casinos.
  • Enhancing Customer Experiences: Retailers can not only set messages to activate when someone is nearby, but also use facial recognition tools to determine whether or not that individual has already seen the message.

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3. Detect Sounds

In addition to watching for signs of trouble, smart cameras can also keep an ear out for sounds like aggressive screaming or glass breaking.

4. Count People

People counting is especially prominent in retail settings where understanding the number of customers coming in and out can help retailers improve their pricing, promotions, store layouts, staffing levels, and more. It can also be useful at locations like airports and museums to provide visitor statistics.

5. Recognize License Plates

While traditional license plate detection systems could be costly, technological advancements have helped to make them more attainable. Today, most standard IP cameras with the right software are able to handle the task, which means they can:

  • Automate car park fees.
  • Monitor who’s coming in and going out.
  • Let traffic flow more easily on toll roads.
  • Enable access control.

Do you want to read the whole article? Click here!

Is My Infrastructure Ready to Support IP Cameras?

If you’re considering installing or switching to IP cameras, you need to make sure you have the right network infrastructures in place to support them.

Things to think about include:

  • Bandwidth: The amount you’ll need will be influenced by factors like how many cameras your system will incorporate as well as their resolution, frame rate, lighting, and more.
  • Storage: The most popular option tends to be an on-site hard drive; however you can also choose to use an off-site source like the cloud for primary or backup storage.
  • Type of System: Common options are hardwired (physically connected to control panels using a traditional landline), wireless (using wireless of cellular connections), solar (which can be beneficial for remote locations, and GSM (relying on a GSM modem).

Other questions you’ll need to reflect on centre around the type of cameras you’ll need—what resolution is best, where will they be located, what environmental conditions will they be exposed to, and how will you use them?

The right security and network integration partner can help you understand your choices and determine which will be ideally suited to your needs.

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