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Benefits of Thermal CCTV Cameras

Thermal CCTV cameras are ideal for businesses that struggle to meet their surveillance needs due to limited light sources. These cameras work by picking up heat emitted by a person or object and can be used by businesses in both outdoor and indoor settings.

At Activo, we design integrated video surveillance solutions that fit the needs of our clients. Part of our offerings include installing thermal CCTV cameras that provide an added layer of security. These cameras can automatically detect when temperatures exceed of fall below defined limits, allowing for preventive measures to be initiated.

Are you unsure if thermal CCTV cameras are the right fit for your business? Here are seven benefits you should consider.

1. Detecting High Body Temperature

During the COVID-10 pandemic, thermal CCTV cameras with the proper calibration can be used to detect high body temperatures in individuals. They can be used as the first line of defence for businesses and organizations with a high flow of people.

2. Intelligent Surveillance

Thermal CCTV camera can be used along with video analytics applications to detect and analyze situations. Non-threatening situations can be automatically dismissed while security teams can be notified of potentially dangerous ones.

3. Surveillance in Darkness

The primary benefit of thermal CCTV cameras is they do not require a light source to monitor a person or object emitting heat. A thermal CCTV camera will provide the same result in complete darkness as it would on a bright sunny day.

4. Lower False Alarms

When compared with motion sensor cameras, thermal CCTV cameras have a significantly lower number of false alarms. In traditional cameras, the motion sensor can be triggered by even the slightest movement like a flying leaf or plastic bag. Thermal CCTV cameras do not face this challenge as they detect an object/person and its difference with the surrounding environment.

5. Not Impacted by Weather

Traditional CCTV cameras are impacted by a change in weather. However, thermal CCTV cameras function without hindrance even in snow, rain, smog, and other adverse weather conditions.

6. No Visual Limitations

There are several visual limitations with traditional cameras, such as not being able to see through objects or camouflage. Thermal CCTV cameras can monitor elements through visual barriers or camouflage because they detect the heat that is emitted.

7. Return on Investment

For businesses that want to ensure they have the best surveillance equipment, thermal CCTV cameras are an affordable solution. The thermal CCTV cameras installed by Activo have a viewing range of up to several hundred meters, thus businesses often require fewer of these to be installed. Further, the thermal sensor lasts 80,000 operating hours (over 9 years) and the camera only requires 10 watts of power.

You can learn more about CCTV video surveillance here.

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