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Why Migrate to IP-Based Physical Security Systems

by Jim Taylor | Mar 10, 2023

As businesses continue to face an increased range of security threats, upgrading current systems has become crucial. Traditional analog-based systems are no longer sufficient in today’s rapidly advancing technological landscape. IP-based physical security systems offer several advantages over traditional systems, including higher resolution, scalability, and ease of integration. Migrating to IP-based systems will save your […]

Benefits of Thermal CCTV Cameras

by Jim Taylor | May 26, 2021

Thermal CCTV cameras are ideal for businesses that struggle to meet their surveillance needs due to limited light sources. These cameras work by picking up heat emitted by a person or object and can be used by businesses in both outdoor and indoor settings. At Activo, we design integrated video surveillance solutions that fit the […]


Can Surveillance Cameras and Sensors Help Us Create a More Sustainable World?

by Jim Taylor | Apr 29, 2019

Sustainability is top of mind for many of us these days. Whether we’re hearing about plastic pollution or warming trends, we all want to know what we can do to create more sustainable lives for ourselves and those around us. This is driving innovation in every industry, physical security included. Here, we look more closely […]

5 Things You Can Do with Video Analytics

by Kevin Gillingham | Oct 02, 2017

More and more, network-enabled cameras are taking the place of their analog counterparts due to their more convenient size, increased efficiency, and ability to capture higher quality images. But what can you do with the data? Axis put together a list of five cool things you can do using video analytics. We’ve summarised them here […]

The 5 Security Trends You Need to Watch for in 2017

by Kevin Gillingham | Jan 30, 2017

Security systems are constantly changing, driven by technological innovations to become more intelligent, secure, and efficient. Whatever type or size of security infrastructure you rely on, it’s important to stay ahead of the curve to keep your business protected. Genetec recently put together an article outlining some of the top security trends we can expect […]

3 Ways to Maximize the Security of Your Security Systems

by Kevin Gillingham | Oct 13, 2016

You have security cameras and a Video Management System (VMS) set up. Your doors are controlled, requiring validated credentials from anyone who wants to gain access. But what about the system itself? Is it secure? Whether it’s a stranger hacking into a video monitor or accessing confidential emails, security is a major concern for companies […]

5 Steps to Create an Effective Incident Response Program

by Kevin Gillingham | Jun 09, 2016

Organizations rely on their data to carry out daily operations. Unfortunately, high-profile breaches are becoming more common and costly. In 2015 alone, cyber-attacks saw almost 300 million records leaked and $1 billion stolen. Moving into 2016, it’s important to make sure your online operations and electronic data are secure and protected. But where should you […]

5 Types of Security Network Cameras

by Kevin Gillingham | Apr 15, 2016

Network cameras are commonly used as integral features of security systems. Often described as all-in-one cameras and computers, they are designed to connect directly to the network and circulate data over the internet. They have their own IP addresses, meaning that – unlike webcams – network cameras can be located wherever there’s a network connection. […]

Security Center 5.3 from Genetec Expands on Comprehensive Security Offerings

by Kevin Gillingham | Nov 12, 2015

If you’ve ever experienced a breach in security for your business or even your personal computer, you are likely to put more emphasis on keeping things secure going forward. Implementing advanced security solutions and protocols is an ever-evolving necessity of business, as new vulnerabilities and malicious hacks constantly continue to surface. Genetec’s Security Center 5.3 […]

Security Cameras from Axis – Tested without Compromise [Infographic]

by Kevin Gillingham | Sep 14, 2015

You want your security cameras to be resilient and tough. No matter what, they need to give top performance so your security never wavers. Security cameras must be able to withstand a variety of environmental factors, including water, vibrations, impacts, abrasions, hot and cold temperatures, and more! And of course, the cameras must be resistant […]