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The 5 Security Trends You Need to Watch for in 2017

Security systems are constantly changing, driven by technological innovations to become more intelligent, secure, and efficient. Whatever type or size of security infrastructure you rely on, it’s important to stay ahead of the curve to keep your business protected.

Genetec recently put together an article outlining some of the top security trends we can expect to see over the course of 2017.

We’ve summarized their thoughts into five key points:

1. Safe, Responsible Security for the Internet of Things (IoT)

The IoT is affecting change across all industries, connecting a greater number of devices to enable the rapid exchange of data and more efficient, globalized communications.

While anticipating the benefits the IoT will bring, don’t forget to consider security-related concerns like:

  • Intercepting and blocking hackers.
  • Preventing cyber-crime.
  • Protecting the personal information of users.

You have security cameras set up, a Video Management System (VMS) in place, and controlled doors – but is the system itself secure? Read our blog to learn three actions you can take to maximize the security of your security systems.

2. Flexible Cloud-Based Options for Custom-Made Security Solutions

Security systems aren’t one-size-fits-all. They need to be flexible enough to meet the needs of each organization, allowing users to decide between options like on-premises vs. hybrid, perpetual vs. as-a-service licenses, and more.

The cloud is the gateway for individualized change. Transitioning to cloud-based security infrastructures will make it easier for organizations to capitalize on the elasticity of new technologies and realize unique cost savings.

3. Intelligent Technology Means Enhanced Security

No matter how many different elements your security system incorporates, it’s almost guaranteed to capture a lot of data. Your tools should help you make sense of all that information, and that means looking for solutions that will:

  • Provide situational intelligence.
  • Simplify operational requirements.
  • Help users make smart, informed decisions without delay.

These types of functionalities are native to Decision Support Systems (DSS), which are likely to become increasingly popular throughout 2017 and the years that follow to make security systems more responsive.

4. Access-Control-as-a-Service (ACaaS) Maximizes Adaptability

Customer demand for transparency from all technological solutions (including security) continues to drive the global market for ACaaS, which is estimated to exceed 620 million dollars by 2020.

With an ACaaS solution, customers can keep their own hardware while subscribing to a term-based service. This makes upgrading in the future more affordable and efficient.

5. Break Down Silos for Enhanced Security and Collaboration

With a greater amount of data being shared at ever increasing speeds, organizations want solutions that will build bridges (not walls) between systems and teams to help them integrate, communicate, and collaborate seamlessly.

Simplifying how users access the information and services they need will be a key part of the transition to more connected, intelligent security systems.

The year ahead (and those that follow it) will continue to bring transformative changes to the security landscape. That’s why it’s crucial to choose a security system ready to keep pace and make the most of future advancements.

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