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Security Center 5.3 from Genetec Expands on Comprehensive Security Offerings

If you’ve ever experienced a breach in security for your business or even your personal computer, you are likely to put more emphasis on keeping things secure going forward. Implementing advanced security solutions and protocols is an ever-evolving necessity of business, as new vulnerabilities and malicious hacks constantly continue to surface.

Genetec’s Security Center 5.3 is riding ahead of the curve with a new suite of upgrades to outfit its comprehensive security solution with a bulletproof system, keeping your critical data secure and protected. The single-platform solution still unites third-party security with key business systems, but now with a lot more power and flexibility.

Through these new product advances, Security Center’s unified platform gains additional ground in enhanced security, access control, a simpler operator experience, and improved sharing and collaboration across internal and external organizational networks.

Unified Platform Enhancements

Genetec has streamlined security operations to run from one single platform with a highly intuitive client interface. All monitoring, reporting, and configuration tasks live conveniently within a single application.

Some of the latest security modules available in this build include:

  • Sipelia Communications Management
  • Security Center Web Client
  • Tile Layout Editor
  • New SDK Features
  • Auto-Lock Workstation

Video Management Enhancements

Improved video security capabilities make it easy to view enhanced investigation details as well as video export workflows. Organizations can also now optimize the use of hardware and device resources.

Some additional enhancements include:

  • GPU-Accelerated Video Decoding
  • Incident Recording
  • Archive Transfer
  • Video Export and Player Enhancements
  • Cloud Archives

Access Control Enhancements

The Synergis Access Control module gained several IP security improvements to further secure your business while simplifying daily aspects of business and maintenance tasks.

Some key improvements with Security Center 5.3 include:

  • Visitor Escort Rule
  • Two-Person Rule
  • First-Person-In Rule (with Unlock Schedules)
  • First-Person-In Rule (with Controlled Access)
  • Extended Custom Card Formats (256 bits)

Automatic License Plate Recognition Enhancements

Partner organizations are able to share select ALPR data across the network, enhancing cooperation between departments. Data access and retention controls also received upgrades.

Finally, some additional improvements include:

  • ALPR Federation
  • Improved User and Data Retention Management
  • Advanced Events to Action
  • Dynamic Display of Patrol Vehicles
  • License Plate Correlation Reports

Click here to learn more about Genetec’s Security Center 5.3, a reliable, accessible, and scalable security solution.

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