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How is VoIP Changing Business Communications?

Voice over IP technology, or “VoIP” as it is commonly known, is a business communications solution to replace outdated telephony systems. VoIP is growing increasingly popular for all sizes and types of organizations, as it is adaptable enough to meet the specific needs of any company.  VoIP and Business Communication

VoIP is an advanced, integrated solution that is completely changing the way businesses communicate. Here are some of the key ways VoIP impacts business communications:

1. Video Conferencing 

Previously, video conferencing was an expensive addition to your company’s communication capabilities. However, through VoIP technology, video conferencing is easy and affordable for every company, even small organizations with tight budgets.

This vastly changes the way businesses communicate: within the organization, with clients/customers, and with business associates. Video conferencing reduces travel costs and makes it much easier to schedule meetings with busy people.

2. Instant Messaging 

Instant messaging (IM) is a typical feature of VoIP that allows co-workers to engage in instant “chat” rather than communicating via email or phone calls. This capability alters the way colleagues communicate with one another about various tasks.

IM has an immediacy that email lacks, but does not require the level of attention of a phone call. It allows employees to collaborate easily and quickly, without cluttering email inboxes with brief back-and-forth messages.

3. Mobility 

As we’ve discussed previously, mobility is a hugely important emerging trend in the workplace. Whether it is used for reaching workers on the road or accommodating remote workers, mobility is becoming central to business.

VoIP easily diverts calls to cell phones, off-premise computers, or other designated devices as though they are part of your corporate phone network. This is convenient for employees – and outside callers won’t notice a difference. Mobility features streamline communication in the modern business environment.

The Bottom Line 

This list only scratches the surface of the great influence VoIP is having on business communications as it evolves and improves.

Collaboration. Productivity. Flexibility. VoIP offers these benefits (and more!) to forward-thinking businesses.

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