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The Business Case for Remote Workers with VoIP [Whitepaper]

We have discussed VoIP and its benefits at length in our blog – and for good reason! Voice over IP (VoIP) technology cuts costs, improves mobility, and offers many collaboration and productivity enhancing features. Increasingly, businesses are adopting this vastly useful technology and reaping the benefits.

Ziff Davis, a respected company that specializes in reviewing and reporting on new technologies and trends, has released a whitepaper entitled, “Making the Business Case for Remote Workers with VoIP”. The guide is a two-part series discussing the business opportunity for remote working. VoIP

A “remote worker” refers to an employee that works from home. This whitepaper generally focuses on full-time remote workers, although there are many other types of remote workers. Furthermore, a remote worker does not necessarily work from home all of the time; many workers split their time between home and the office.

The whitepaper discusses trends inside and outside of the workplace contributing to the rising numbers of remote workers. It then goes on to examine the key business benefits of supporting remote workers and the technologies that enable employees to work from home productively.

Key Business Benefits of Remote Workers


1. Cost Savings
2. Improved Productivity
3. More Effective Decision Making
4. Greater Employee Satisfaction
5. Better Talent Retention and Recruiting
6. Access to a Richer Talent Pool
7. Access to a Broader Range of Workers
8. Improved Customer Satisfaction and Retention

Remote Worker Enabling Technologies


1. VoIP
2. SIP Trunking
3. Video Conferencing
4. Mobility
5. Cloud-based Services

We encourage every business owner and decision maker to read this informative whitepaper, and learn about each of these points in further depth.

adobe-pdf Click here to download “Making the Business Case for Remote Workers with VoIP”.

Keep checking back for Part 2, which we will discuss when it becomes available.

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