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VoIP Call Quality and Reliability – Can It Match Traditional Phone Networks?

Many business owners want to update their phone systems to VoIP (Voice over IP), but are held back by concerns about VoIP’s quality and reliability.

Is VoIP as trustworthy as traditional PSTN (public switched telephone network) systems?

The answer is yes. Cloud VoIP can certainly be just as reliable as traditional phone systems – and can have even better quality. Most IP phones use HD voice technology, which actually allows them to transmit a wider tonal range so users can hear each other more clearly.

However, business owners must keep in mind that in order for their VoIP to work as intended, they must make sure that all components of their network infrastructure and associated services are able to handle the requirements of VoIP. You will need updated structured cabling, sufficient bandwidth, appropriate wireless security, and so on.

VoIP works in real-time, sending calls over a wireless network. That means that a slow, outdated network or infrastructure can cause voice distortion, data loss, echoes, and delays. This is not an issue with VoIP itself, but rather with trying to use VoIP on a network not able to carry the capacity.

A professional VoIP provider will be able to check your current network, test it, and let you know if it will be able to sustain VoIP. If not, many will be able to offer suggestions on improving your network – and some will even have the skills in-house to upgrade your network, making life easier for you.

The biggest issue you need to be aware of with VoIP reliability is that when the power goes out, so does your phone connectivity. That’s because VoIP depends on your Internet, and the Internet goes down with the power. Of course, there are crisis-resistant VoIP solutions available to address this problem, such as cellular backup and redundancy options (click to learn more about crisis-resistance for cloud VoIP).

Another great benefit of VoIP is that you can take the services with you wherever you go. If you move office spaces, cannot use your office during a renovation, or have employees working from home, you will still be able to use VoIP and all the features it enables.

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