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The Crisis-Resistance of Cloud Voice

Previously, we’ve discussed many of the benefits of cloud voice systems: mobility, better features, reduced costs, and so on.

Another crucial advantage of cloud voice is its crisis-resistance. Most organizations consider communications to be a mission-critical component of their business. You can’t afford to have the phone systems go down when your customers are trying to call or your employees are having key conversations with their associates.

From day-to-day operations to when disaster strikes, it’s important to have a phone system that your business can rely on.

Resiliency and redundancy can be built into cloud voice solutions, preventing the system from being compromised by any single point of failure. Many disaster recovery and fail-over options possible with cloud voice are not available through legacy PBX systems.

For example, you could opt to implement cellular backup, which automatically reroutes all calls to cell phones in the case of a major failure.

Get reliability with cloud voice crisis-resistant communication:

  • Less likely to experience service interruption
  • Resistant to failure during natural disasters
  • Recover from hardware, software, or connectivity failures
  • High level of system availability
  • Seamless transitions to fail-over systems
  • Managed off-site (everything will be maintained and updated without hassle)

If you run a business which relies on your phone system, any disturbance in service is costly.  With modern cloud voice technology, you can minimize the risk.

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