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Is Mobile VoIP the Future of VoIP?

Voice over IP technology (VoIP) provides a vast array of new capabilities and features for savvy business owners.

Through VoIP’s collaboration capabilities, we can now have high quality video and audio conferences from our desks, our home offices, or the boardroom.

The next step in the evolution of VoIP technology is mobile VoIP. Portable devices, such as smartphones and tablets, are rapidly advancing and expanding their influence in our daily lives. With our busy lifestyles, we increasingly rely on our mobile devices.

Logically, then, VoIP has gone mobile as well. Mobile infrastructure and capacity increase every year, and cellular data networks are enhancing their services to include better Wi-Fi, data (3G/4G), and communication capabilities. These communication capabilities include Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) signaling communications to transmit VoIP on the mobile network.

With mobile VoIP (MVoIP), consumers gain freedom from fee-based phone communications. Voice calls with MVoIP can be made for free from zones where you are connected to Wi-Fi. This can significantly cut down on cell phone bills, particularly if you are calling long distance, or even to other countries. If you are not connected to Wi-Fi, calls can be made over your data network.

MVoIP also brings the power of collaboration with you wherever you go, increasing productivity and helping you connect with people no matter where you are.

Cell phone and wireless companies understand that MVoIP is the future of VoIP technology, and are always developing new and better technologies to enable clear, fast communication. MVoIP is still in the early stages; campus and corporate networks have led the way in implementing MVoIP. However, as the technology improves, small and mid-sized businesses may find that MVoIP makes sense for their needs.

We are already using communication apps that use VoIP technology, including Skype, WhatsApp, and so on. These apps use the existing infrastructure of the Internet and the mobile device’s data to deliver free (or cheap) communication, fast.

MVoIP is making its way into the mainstream. Juniper Research forecasts that one billion people will be using VoIP over free smartphone applications by 2017.

Mobile is the future of VoIP.

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