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Are You Up-to-Date on the Latest Cisco Collaboration Solutions? [Video]

You already know that our partner, Cisco, is the world leader in networking and collaboration technologies, providing innovative communication technology solutions for businesses of all sizes.

But what you may not know is how their newest technologies are vastly improving collaboration for companies and IT managers alike!

In a worldwide business environment where almost half of professionals are working remotely at least some of the time and 70% of aspiring executives (who will manage large teams) report that they will rely heavily on video conferencing in the upcoming years, collaboration technologies are even more essential than ever.

Benefits of Collaboration

  1. Spark Innovation

Enabling collaboration with people both inside and outside of your organization will encourage brainstorming sessions, spur new ideas, and speed up decision-making.

  1. Encourage Growth

Get closer to customers, creating satisfaction and loyalty through effective problem solving and the ability to respond more quickly to their needs.

  1. Increase Reach and Familiarity

Rich video and voice technologies enable seamless communication without expensive and time-consuming travel to meetings. Even if people are far apart or their schedules are full, collaboration technologies make it easy to touch base more frequently.

  1. Reduce Costs

Not only will you reduce travel costs, but you will reduce network and communication infrastructure costs by converging capabilities onto one network.

IT Leaders Must Drive Collaboration

Leading the way as these new solutions emerge is up to the IT directors and managers, who can understand and recommend great solutions for their companies. IT leaders can start conversations about redefining workplaces to meet the more flexible, more mobile, more collaborative needs of today (and tomorrow).

For example, midsized businesses need to be using video to effectively enhance their ability to communicate with clients, customers, colleagues, and business associates.

Business owners and IT leaders can learn more about video for midsize business on the Cisco blog, “Can Midsize Businesses ‘Be Everywhere with Video’?”

Cisco’s New Collaboration Technologies for Midsize Businesses

Cisco offers collaboration solutions specifically designed to meet the needs of midsize businesses. That means the budgetary, staffing, and productivity considerations of midsize businesses are all taken into account.

One such example is the Business Edition 6000, which is specifically designed for midsize businesses.

Watch this video from Cisco showing how collaboration tools will integrate into the everyday work lives of your employees:

download-PDF Click here to learn more about Cisco collaboration solutions.

>> Activo is a certified Cisco partner, and will help you deploy a collaboration, video, and voice solution that is just right for your business. Contact us today to discuss your needs.

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