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Finding the right storage solutions for your infrastructure cabling and hardware is about more than cost effectiveness. You need to look at the bigger picture, considering the role cabinets and racks will play as part of your cabling infrastructure and whether they will enable you to maximize the performance of the hardware inside.

As a network systems integrator, Activo provides cabinets and racks that help you solve organizational challenges while addressing power and cooling needs. We offer a variety of solutions including enclosures, doors (two and four-post), and more from manufacturers like RF Mote and Chatsworth. For you, this translates to three things—reducing ongoing maintenance and run costs, protecting the investment you made in your infrastructure, and increasing the reliability of the network your organization depends on.

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Cabinets and Racks Frequently Asked Questions

What are the types of cabinets and racks available?

In infrastructure cabling environments, the two primary kinds are:

  • Open frame, which has mounting rails, but no sides or doors. They are used most often in situations without high-level physical security requirements and that don’t need any added airflow mechanisms or controls. They also provide easy access for ongoing maintenance. There are two options of open-frame rack—2-post and 4-post. 2-post open frame racks don’t require as much support as their 4-frame counterparts, though they also don’t offer the same amount of depth.
  • Enclosed cabinets feature front and rear doors in addition to side panels for enhanced physical security. They do, however, need vents or cooling systems in order to keep the equipment inside from overheating.

What do I need to take into account when using server racks and cabinets?


The right rack or cabinet needs to accurately fit according to the dimensions of your equipment. Keep in mind that although width and depth are usually measured in standard units, it’s not uncommon for the height to be calculated in “rack units” (U), defined as 1.75in.


Ultimately, you need to be able to use your server racks and cabinets easily. There should be some useable space left after everything is in so you can access the components you need, and some racks and cabinets even come with wheels if mobility is important for you.


Your server rack or cabinet needs to be able to support all of the devices and components within it including cables, switches, and mounts.


With cooling costs on the rise, it’s important to look for racks and cabinets that help mitigate those expenses and contribute to cooling with features like airflow management.


If this is a concern for you, you will likely need to choose enclosed cabinets that feature side panels and doors.

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