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Outside plant (OSP) cabling is the wiring that runs outside—between buildings, transceivers, and GBICs. It plays a critical role in supporting the services your organization relies on including data transfer, building automation, video and voice communications, and more. Often it’s managed by local access providers, though larger facilities like hospitals, universities and colleges, and industrial plants can find themselves needing to build their own OSP facility and infrastructure.

As a network systems integrator, Activo is uniquely positioned to consult with you in order to understand the type of OSP infrastructure you need, build and implement it, and provide complete lifecycle support including ongoing maintenance. We work with industry leaders like Hubbell to ensure you get the best products and solutions tailored for you.

Outside Plant (OSP) Cabling Services

  • Fiber Backbone
  • Multi-Mode
  • Single-Mode
  • Trenching and Ducting

Infrastructure Cabling Services

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Outside Plant (OSP) Cabling Frequently Asked Questions

What are the three most common pathways OSP cabling takes?

  • Aerial solutions, which can be deployed rapidly and maintained relatively easily. They are, however, more prone to naturally caused damages like strong winds, falling tree limbs, and lightening.
  • Underground installations, although more expensive, have a range of advantages over their aerial counterparts. They are more easily hidden, more difficult to vandalize, adaptable for future needs, and protected from most environmental hazards.
  • Direct burial brings many of the same benefits as underground, however it is more difficult to increase capacity with buried systems.

What factors do I need to take into account when implementing mobility solutions for my organization?

Consider things such as:

  • The number of people who will be using the space.
  • How many devices an individual will typically have.
  • Whether you need to transmit voice or video data via your mobility solutions.

Being able to answer these questions will help you determine whether or not your network and wireless infrastructure will keep pace with your needs.

How dense is the space for which you need mobility solutions?

Although the amount of people in the space is no doubt important, so too are the number of devices you can expect each individual to have. If, for example, a person will be using a laptop, smartphone, and tablet simultaneously, your mobility solution and the network underlying it both need to be ready to accommodate that demand without sacrificing quality, speed, or security.

You might consider performing a wireless site survey to assess your needs.

Will you need to transmit voice data via your mobility solutions?

If the answer is yes, you need to ensure both your mobility solutions and the network and wireless infrastructures that power them are prepared to accommodate these needs.

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