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Aruba Networks: Ensuring Powerful, High-Speed Wireless Access Points for Crowded Environments

Go anywhere and you will see people glued to their mobile phones and devices. Whether it’s in line at the grocery store, on a commuter train, or throughout a business campus, we are all connected wherever we go. With the number of devices per person only increasing each year, businesses must provide unfaltering wireless connections for employees and clients.

Staying Connected, Going Wireless

Aruba Networks provides wireless access points and solutions optimized for the best possible experience for the mobile generation of workers.

They deliver Mobility-Defined Networks™, focusing extensively on optimized performance and automated security actions for wireless networks, creating a better environment for users and IT professionals alike. More specifically, Aruba Networks provides access point solutions for a variety of business locations, including standard business centers and even rugged indoor environments facing difficult temperature control, as with sports stadiums.

Wireless Access PointsWireless Access Points for Crowds

When large groups of people congregate in centralized locations, it can strain the wireless network. Aruba Networks offers high-speed access points specifically designed for crowded environments and hospitality businesses to eliminate the Wi-Fi congestion.

The 802.11ac version AP-205H is specifically intended to serve hotels, dormitories, classrooms, medical facilities, and other multitenant environments.

AP-205H Benefits

  • Compact and cost-effective
  • ClientMatch technology automatically steers mobile devices to the best AP when experiencing movement or RF interference
  • Makes use of existing structured cabling system
  • Advanced Cellular Coexistence feature minimizes interference from 3G/4G LTE networks, distributed antenna systems, and commercial small cell/femtocell equipment
  • Delivers high-speed performance Wi-Fi to multiple rooms
  • Includes everything needed to be a wall-mounted hospitality AP, with optional desk-mounting accessory stand to transform into a desk-mounted AP
  • Can reduce WLAN deployment costs
  • Supported by Aruba’s limited lifetime warranty

pdf_icon Click here to download the AP-205H Access Point Data Sheet.

As a trusted Aruba Networks Partner, Activo is prepared to outfit your business with a wireless network and access point solution suited to your specific needs, from low to high-density. Contact us to discuss the best solution for your business.

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