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Bring Your Business Into the Future With Activo

The world around us has changed – it cannot be ignored. Businesses that were initially run in offices are now using hybrid workspaces, and people around the world are using modern ways to communicate with one another.

According to McKinsey & Company, “in the post pandemic future of work, nine out of ten organizations will be combining remote and on-site working”.

Has your business managed these changes effectively?

As business practices change, now is the perfect opportunity to examine your business and see where you can improve. If you offer a hybrid work environment, would it be beneficial to improve your video conferencing? Are your current bandwidth limits enough to keep up with the progress toward IoT technology?

Whether you’re looking to integrate new services into your company or update the systems you already have, Activo is here to help.

Activo’s network infrastructure Solutions

Activo offers several different services to advance your company into modern and future-oriented practices, both in internal infrastructure and business management.

While you may be using one of our services, take a moment to consider ways that we can integrate other opportunities to help you succeed. Consider updated infrastructure cabling to manage your growing business, or increased bandwidth services to optimize your day-to-day online practices.

For those unsure where they can improve, we’ve included some information about how each of our services can bring you into the modern age and keep you updated for the future.


Your business counts on its network to act as its heart. Activo makes sure that the hardware and software that your company uses are safe, effective, and efficient. Making sure that your network is up to date and prepared for the current data use that workplaces demand is vital; without it, you may be left behind.

We begin every project with a needs analysis to better understand how you use your network and determine which wireless survey is best for you. We make sure that your new system is complete from design to installation, to ongoing support over the years.

We offer services in large and small networks, wireless infrastructure, disaster recovery, and managed services to keep your infrastructure supported together.


When you aren’t running your business with appropriate bandwidth, everything slows down. Activo understands the importance of bandwidth capability and works with businesses to create affordable solutions to provide you with uninterrupted internet access.

Our bandwidth services are ideal for managing voice solutions like SIP trunking – creating business phone systems connected to a wireless network ensures that in this current day of hybrid work environments and virtual offices, employees can use up-to-date systems to communicate effectively.

Infrastructure Cabling

Activo builds strong infrastructure cabling to act as the backbone of your network, with structured cabling, data centres, and automated infrastructure management just some of the different tools used to create effective networks.

With an updated reliance on the virtual business sphere, it’s important to make sure that your infrastructure can keep up with your business demands. Activo delivers solutions that meet your current needs while also anticipating the changes of the future, keeping you ahead of the curve.

Voice & Collaboration Services

Whether your employees work across the hall or the country, it is important to make sure that they stay connected.

Activo provides a comprehensive suite of voice and collaboration services and solutions that allow you to integrate your communications seamlessly through telephone, mobile, video conferencing, and more with solutions like Microsoft Teams Phone.

Audio/Visual Services

Whether you’re looking for promotion through digital signage, discussion through conference calls, or mass notifications for emergency events, Activo offers a variety of audio and visual services for your business.

Activo creates independent and integrated systems including paging, conferencing, and mass notifications, as well as a variety of services in creating video walls and digital signage for your enterprise.

Physical Security

If you use a physical workspace, it is integral to guarantee that your assets are as safe as your data.

Activo provides physical security solutions for commercial businesses across Canada including intrusion prevention, CCTV video surveillance, integrated security systems, monitoring, and intercoms.

Whether you’re looking to have one type of security or a multitude of services together, Activo can build your security system to keep your property safe.

No matter how you decide to integrate the future into your company, Activo is happy to assist in building managed services for you. For more information about our services and how we can help you and your company, contact us today.

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