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Case Study: Network Infrastructure Cabling for Large Data Centre

Activo provided the network cabling infrastructure for a new data centre built from scratch in Toronto, including cable tray support structure, fibre optic, and copper cabling. This large data centre housed three data halls with 700 racks and was constructed within a short timeframe of five months.

Activo was uniquely positioned as a network systems integrator to provide solutions for this data centre, which were a fully integrated part of the network infrastructure. The client knew that network cabling infrastructure would be the backbone of their network, expected to accommodate high-volume and high-density traffic.

Structured cabling is a critical component for any data centre infrastructure. It has to be designed and installed properly as inferior installation can be detrimental to the operation of the data centre.

Activo installed four layers of cable trays suspended from an 18 feet substructure down to about 7.5 feet above the racking throughout the project. This offered the necessary capacity to accommodate the high cable volume and support networking, security, and fibre cabling.

As part of the project, Activo also provided network configuration support and installed wireless access points.

Activo completed the infrastructure cabling for the entire project within five months, which was a major achievement due to the data centre’s size. The client was very complimentary and satisfied with the job done by Activo as our team met tight deadlines for the installation of the network infrastructure. The client enjoyed working with us and has expressed their desire to use our services for future projects.

Contact Activo if you are looking for an infrastructure cabling solution. Our cabling specialists and network integration experts can architect on-site, off-site, and hybrid systems and provide end-to-end lifecycle support.

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